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BTenn 12-28-2011 02:43 AM

Need input!!!
I have a Gen4 Glock 22 that I use as my duty weapon... I also own a Gen3 22 that I mainly just carry in my truck for multi-purpose use (off duty carry, hunting, etc.). My question is that I want something that has more power for that purpose. I'm thinking probably a .45 ACP and have looked at the G30 bc it's smaller and a G36. My problem w the G36 is that you lose rounds but the G30 is bulkier than what I'm used to shooting. Input would be appreciated as well as other recommendations!!!

NvRbanArms 12-28-2011 05:04 AM

I have medium/pudgy hands and own a gen 4 g21. Shoot great with it. It thinner than the gen 3s and originals. Great gun. Just make sure to call about the rsa if u get one. They send u one for free. btw. I love the forty fives. Killer stopping power!

NvRbanArms 12-28-2011 05:11 AM

One thing about it though. Don't know if it's just my luck or all of them. I use federal 230gr .45 fmj for range practice and it seems the bullets are grinding against the bottom of the feeder just before they enter the barrel. Don't know if it just the ammo or the firearm itself. You can see where they're catching the barrel. Nothing very bad looking, but more of an annoyance. Scared of getting a ftf. So far no problems with it though? Keepin my fingers crossed.

Quentin 12-28-2011 05:46 AM

It might be too much to ask of one gun to serve for off duty carry and hunting. Maybe a G23 or G27 for the former and a 10mm for the latter?

willfully armed 12-28-2011 06:23 AM

10mm for the win.

Its what 45 fanboys dream of... but will never admit to.

BTenn 12-28-2011 01:53 PM

As far as hunting I'm not using it to go out and kill game. I just carry it to and from where I'll be hunting at, like I'll have my rifle on my shoulder and if I need to shoot quick I'll have my glock.... I don't really know much about a 10mm, I've just heard they are a high powered .40. I also looked at a .357 sig, but the ammo is just so expensive.

Byron0022 12-28-2011 03:09 PM

I have the G31. That 357 Sig is one bad puppy, rent one and try it out before you make your mind up.

Quentin 12-28-2011 03:40 PM

Well in that case (not hunting) a 45 is good but there are a lot of advantages in sticking with 40S&W which you already have, it's plenty good enough for carry. I'd add the G23 and G27 to my short list.

BTenn 12-28-2011 04:55 PM

I have definitely thought about keeping the G22 for that purpose but I kinda want something smaller and more powerful. That's why I was thinking maybe a G30 for that reason but like I said it's bulkier than what I'm used to. I thought also about a G23 but it's still a .40 and I might as well keep my G22 if I was gonna get that.

Birddogyz 12-28-2011 08:52 PM

I carry the G20 (10mm) while hunting and the G22 (40 S&W) is my everyday carry. The downside to the 10MM is finding ammo, and once you find it, most places are very proud of it.

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