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Which Model Glock

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Default G30...'nuff said!

G30...'nuff said!
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Default 26- 9mm cost are lower and will encourage you to practice

One reason I picked the 26 because of the lower cost of practice ammo. I do have more powerful 9mm ammo for cc.
I also picked it for the other reasons of high capacity, realiabity and PRICE ( I have 17/19 and even the 33 rd magazines) I also have a variety of extensions but with my smaller hands I don't have a problem with the regular magazine and I use a variety of holsters with my favorite a pocket one.

Becareful- 9mm practice is great and I've upgraded up to a used 17 with laser and then onto a 17L for the range.
I also have the new 21SF for zombie/home protection. My wife and I have small hands and find the 21sf easy to shoot but its 45 ammo cost much more then the cheap 9mm.
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Default G36 Is Mine!!!

I like the G36 over the G30. G36 is smaller and I can hide it better. Also carry with the G36 is the G23 or G22. I always carry a full size with the compact models. G36 I carry outside the car.

Like everyone else said, it will depend on you, hand size, body size and also what kind of clothes you are wearing. There are so many ways, it's crazy.... I like to call this issue "Trial and Error Stage." Once you experiment with different guns, holsters and your clothes. You will find what best fits you. That is why Glock and other gun manufactures have so many makes and models of handguns. Everyone will not be the same.

I have some Safariland holsters for sale that are under 50.00 shipped just for ccdw and undercover police officers that I sell. I can not keep them in stock most of the time due to the price. Let me know if you or anyone else wants one.
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I'm partial to the G26 and G19.
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Default which one

go to a range and rent a few different guns, you be the judge , one gun isn't
for everyone, i shoot 1911;s bhp 35, glock, keltec, they all shoot different,
s&w , m&p have a good feel to them. had a sig p22 in 45acp, but was too big for ccw, good luck on your choice. bobby
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Originally Posted by Praetorian View Post
Hey i would personally stay away from Glock, i know a lot of people swear by them, and there are so many LEO who carry them because they are department issued, and i have heard the arguments on the torture test done on Glocks, but I think they are garbage. If you want the best go SIG, but i have found that being that the SIG is so heavy, and they are quite expensive, and as nice of a sidearm/service weapon as it is, i dont find its practical for concealed carry. If you are fond of the Glock look and style and want a weapon that will blow you away, that is light and easy to handle and quite accurate and has a very good customer service rapport, go with the Springfield XD. I talked about 12 guys out of Glock last week and into a Springfield XD, even a woman who was looking for something for personal protection and had a revolver waiting to be picked up, talked her into the XD as well. I carry a 4 inch service model, and its wonderful, accurate, light and dead on. Go check one out, the 4 inch may not be for you, though I carry it concealed without a problem. They make a 3 inch version, which still has the capability of carrying the same amount of rounds in the magazine as the full size models. Seriously, go with the Springfield, and if you arent sure, go to a gun store and talk to a FFL dealer, but make sure you talk to more then one so that you get a good assessment as to the weapon from more then one source, Springfield just took the Glock and made it better. And if you ever have a problem or a defect, they dont ask you any questions, they get you what you need right away, didnt have that with Glock, it was a major hassle with them. I was happy when departments started changing from Glock to Kimber and Ruger and Beretta, the Glock is not as dependable as so many Glock fans would have you believe, i would never carry one as a duty weapon, and I would never carry one for personal protection. There are a lot of LEO's who feel the same way. Before I even considered law enforcement as a career, it was other law enforcement officers who warned me to qualify as soon as i could with my own weapon, because the Glock was not reliable. Go to a gun shop with a range that offers the ability to fire both a Glock and an XD, and you will immediately see the difference. That's how I got 12 people to change their minds from Glock to XD. I was actually looking at picking up an HK USP Compact, and was repulsed by the grip of the handle, fired it then thought I would take a shot at the XD, fired it, and went downstairs immediately and bought an XD, and this was after having just spent $1200 bucks on a SIG. Go XD, check out the Springfield Armory website and read up on it. XD is a good choice, better then Glock in my opinion.
I originally posted this as a reply to an XD review and the subsequent replies of 'OMG! the XD is sooooo much better than the Glock rofl' I couldn't take it and had to put some things out there.

One thing the XD is superior to the Glock in is handle diameter and that's only for people with short fingers. That's it. Other reasons given to the XD's superiority are subjective to opinion and nothing else.

A few of the given 'reasons' XDs are better:

Price. The Glock is about $80 more than the XD. I don't know many people who think $80 is something to worry about with something that protects your life. I just put $80.00 worth of gas in my truck this morning.

Machining quality/manufacture. At the indoor range I shoot at they have XDs come back for warranty work (sometimes complete replacement due to inability to repair). Cracked frames, ftf, stovepiping, chambers needing to be honed. The list goes on and on.

Durability. Like the aforementioned reason - it's false. Most people have this opinion based on only having a few thousand (if that) rounds through their XDs. At the range they are constantly having problems with their XD rentals (see previous reason problems) while Glocks usually run about 100,000 rounds through them before they cycle a new one into the mix. Those are 100,000 trouble free rounds. Consistently. Wait a few more years when all of these XDs get some real use.

Ergonomics. XD likes to tout this one in their advertising as well saying that when you point it the sights line up rather than having you look at the top of the slide. Glock went with their 105 degree handle angle for a reason: they tested, tested and did some more testing and found that it provided the best firing results for accuracy and following shots. The XD's handle angle along with its high barrel axis to the hand provide much more muzzle flip than a Glock which in turn means less accurate double-taps and a less control.

Single action vs double action. The Glock uses the double action for safety. It's one of the reasons it's called Safe-Action. If the striker spring isn't cocked - it can't fire! Just like a down hammer. The XD has a cocked spring. You can count on replacing the striker spring many more times in an XD than a Glock because of this. You also better hope your firing pin block is in proper working order or you're at the mercy of the poorly designed sear of the XD which, by the way, will fire out of battery. Try pushing back on the slide sometime while pulling the trigger. The double action might not be as smooth, clean or as short a pull of the single action, but these are service pistols not target pistols.

The slide lock. The slide lock on the Glock is designed to be tight against the frame and slide as to not be snagged on anything. They also wanted people to use two hands to release the slide because it's a more controlled manner than hitting the lock with your thumb. This isn't the movies! Release the slide the proper way. The slide lock on the XD also adds a decent amount to the overall width of the weapon - not very carry friendly.

Finish. People, Tenifer is not the outside coating. Tenifer is the metal treatment of the slide and barrel itself. It is .005 mm thick and is close the the hardness of diamond. The treatment of the metal itself acheives a 99.9% salt water resistance. Tenifer is also illegal in this country because the EPA. XD does not have it. Don't regularly oil the slide on your XD and carry it in a cold climate for a while. The in/out condensation will rust your slide in no time.

Warranty. Good thing Sprinfield has you covered here, you're going to need it.

Field stripping. The Glock actually uses a faster process which uses less steps than the XD. Also, many people rotate the take-down lever then pull the slide lock down putting all forward inertia of the slide to come to a halt against the sear (it's the only thing keeping the slide from going forward at that point) and cause damage to the sear, striker and frame.

Loaded chamber indicator. Glock has this as well. Wake up.

Cocked indicator. Glock has this as well. If the trigger is forward on a Glock, it's cocked. Also, how are you going to get a round into the chamber on either of these guns without it being cocked? It's not a Walther with a decocker.

Grip safety. How is a gun going to go off without your hand on the handle? Your finger should never be inside the trigger guard unless you have the weapon acquired and intend to fire. Are we forgetting some basic firearm rules? The grip safety is null and void.

Customization. If you can't find genuine Glock custom parts for your Glock at your local gun dealer, you need to find a new one. Glock holsters, parts and accessories are everywhere. Try to find a holster for your XD. It's much more difficult. Yes, it's newer and takes a while, but companies will be reluctant to make them because Springfield supplies you with one, albeit a horrible one with not one level of retention.

I felt the need to debunk these XD/Glock myths. The XD is not even close the being up to par with the Glock. The Glock is going on 20 years now and has changed the world of pistols - the XD won't make that sort of impact.

Bill T.
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Default Glock

I own two GLOCK 20"s And a 21, I was a diehard 45 guy till started compareing the ballistics of the 10 mm to the 45 the math dose not lie the 10 mm out shines them all big time, I guess the way I see it is if your going to carry a firearm to pertect you and yours why would you use something that is only going to half way do the job, I want to leave the largest whole with the most damage as possable, I know everybody and there brouther is going to say the recoil is to much and that may be so in other guns, but Glock has got it down to a fine science you can not tell the 10 mm from the 45 there is no differance what so ever! so yes with out getting into a 44 automag, that would not carry well 10, mm is as good as it gets, you really got to ask your self why would you want anything LESS.
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Glock's are one ofthe most reliable and easiest ot shoot, find someone rents them and try them out, then pick a caliber and a frame caliber will determine round count as well. Many forget that when they beging looking for a handgun. Then pratice a lot.
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Default Glock model 22...

I have only fired 900 rounds with my new Glock model 22 40 S & W but I do like it very much. I chose it because it fit my hand and I had not fired a pistol in many years so I had to start somewhere. Got lucky and chose well this time. I already know I won't be carrying this one but will be leaving it home. I am in the process of seeking a carry pistol so here I am reading the Glock thread. My mind is totally open to other carry guns but I guess I will take a good look before changing brands due to my good experience with Glock thus far.
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the best glock hasn't been built yet - a single stack 9mm like the m 36 would be great!!!!!!
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