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glock19owner 06-06-2008 04:44 AM

Looking for a review of the advantage arms .22 conversion kit?
Thinking of buying one for my G19 and wondering if anyone has any reviews?


disord3r 08-11-2008 11:28 PM

Bumping this to the top in case anyone has had any recent experience.

I'm currently trying to decide between a Glock 17 and a reconditioned Sig 229. One of the things I'm considering along with the purchase of the gun itself is eventually getting a 22LR conversion kit for some extended duration practice. The conversion for the Glock is reasonably priced, but for the Sig it's outrageous; I'd be better off just getting a the Sig and a separate 22.

If the AA 22LR conversion is well made and worth the money, I'll simply get the Glock and the AA. I'm not concerned with putting the extra wear and tear on whichever gun I get, as the 1911 will be doing the dirty work, if it ever comes to that.

G21.45 08-12-2008 03:14 AM

:) Well, I don't own one; but, from everything I hear the Advantage Arms kit definitely works. You could ask this same question over at Glock Talk; I'm sure you'd get, at least, a dozen replies.

Like this -

Here, I did the search for you guys. It's what I thought: The AA conversion kit works. (Just as long as you don't shoot Federal brand 22 caliber ammo!) ;)

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