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JK7706 06-03-2013 11:10 AM

Just bought my first Glock!
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Very excited! traded my old 20 years + colt compact for a Glock 21 SF at the show in Tampa. Had a trigger job and night sites put on at the samed time. Looking forward to the range in the next few days to try it out.

GlockRenegade 06-04-2013 03:51 AM


kbd512 06-04-2013 07:45 AM

Welcome to the club.

A 1911 it isn't, but it generally goes "bang" when you pull the trigger and if you do your part it's plenty accurate.

Prepare for the onslaught of the Glock haters and fanboys.

I've learned to love it for what it is instead of hating it for what it isn't.

deadsp0t 06-04-2013 07:50 AM

Had a 21 as my 1st handgun, great gun and accurate to boot.. Served its purpose reliably.. Enjoy!!

AR10 06-04-2013 09:01 AM


Originally Posted by GlockRenegade (Post 1267081)

Pics of his Glock or the Colt he traded?

Remember, your only safety is the holster you choose, and your ability to control what contacts the trigger, and when.

I went from a 1911 style pistol (Star PD ) twenty some years ago to a Glock 21 that I traded pretty quickly for a Glock 21.

Glocks are not trophy wives, they are big boned, wide at the hip gals.

45BBH 06-04-2013 03:25 PM

The 21sf is a fine .45. I've had one and it shot very well and definitely my favorite of the gen3 .45 models.

jbardellini 06-04-2013 04:03 PM

Congratulations on your new G21 I'm sure you will love it.

danolator 06-04-2013 05:25 PM

Welcome to Glockdom. It is your first, but it probably won't be your last. Simple to operate, rugged as heck, easy to tear down and reassemble, just makes it more fun. Congrats.

JK7706 06-04-2013 09:43 PM

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The simplicity of the gun is genius! They did some trigger work and installed night sights too. Put 50 rounds through it this morning. I like it. Thanks for the comments. By the way, guys, I still have a Les Baer Thunder ranch that will NEVER leave me.

glockhead99 06-05-2013 01:23 AM

Congratulations on the new Glock 21
You'll have a blast at the range.
We love our Glock 21 Gen 4

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