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How Often to Clean G19 Gen4?

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The Glock rental guns at my old range had never been cleaned. Estimated 15k+ rounds.

I choose to clean them every month or so.
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I like my guns and women the same way clean. I always clean my guns after each use. I oil if I am going to rack the slide more than once.
Originally Posted by diggsbakes View Post
Now your next task is to shoot it until it hurts, clean, then repeat. That's a beautiful gun. Enjoy!
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I clean my Glocks every ten thousand rounds whether they need it or not.

J/K I only ever did that once to my steel gun...the one I use to shoot steel matches. I wanted to see how long it could go between cleaning and still run. It went over 11,000 rounds...but every time it cycled, crud flew off the pistol and splattered my glasses and face. I looked like I was on a Texas oil gusher. I mean it seeped crud onto my was ugly.

I clean after every range session, and put 4 drops of oil on the rails weekly. You CAN shoot a Glock dry...but why? It's like punching Mike COULD...but I don't reccomend it. Better to be safe than sorry.

Don't over oil it...saturation can attract dust and dirt that can gum up the works. I live in the dry, dusty Sonoran Desert in Arizona, and dust is everywhere. So, I wiper her down and give her four drops of oil and she runs smooth as glass. The Glock tennifer finish is bullet proof, so you don't need to oil the outside of the pistol...I do it when I clean, but only give it a wipe down with a silicone cloth.

Take care of your kit, and your kit will take care of you.
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As stated above, you dont need to over oil. When I am going to the range and gonna be running a bunch of rounds through my glocks, or any gun, I will add a drop on each side of the rails.

When I clean them I lightly oil the action, wipe the outside down and swab the barrel. For my carry gun I keep it fairly dry. Don't want oil stains in my pants or shirts and the oil just hold lint like a magnet. IF the gun gets discharged from the carry position then I very seriously doubt I will be running several hundred rounds through it like at the range.
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A clean gun is a reliable gun.....why take any chances
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Not cleaning your weapon is the same as not showering or changing the oil in your car. Yes you can get away with it for a little while but you know better.

I clean before and after the range or when they have been in storage for a month or more.
Before I shoot at the range because you never know what is or has gotten in to your barrels. Living here in Az we have a abundance of spider and other crawling insects. Found a spider pouch in my FAL once that is why I run a rod and patch through before I shoot. Afterwards I do a quick wipe down incase I can not clean them when I get home.
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[QUOTE=CHLChris;384766]I don't understand cleaning it BEFORE the range trip, but after is a great plan./QUOTE]

cleaning before shooting is to clear dust and debris. Keeps barrel from getting scratches.
now my hand guns will only get cleaned after shoting unless it goes a few months without firing.
long guns I normally clean before shooting with a quick pass with oil on a swab.
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Default Range prep

I've always been taught that you need to prep your weapon ( Pistol/Rifle) for firing and to give it a good clean afterwards esp your carry weapons for work, big cause of ftf is a dirty weapon.
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Glocks need to be cleaned?


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Originally Posted by IGETEVEN View Post
Glocks need to be cleaned?
Who knew???
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