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Glore 12-27-2011 10:43 AM

Glock Props?
How many torture tests, agency switching to glocks, reviews do we need to see before Glocks get the respect they deserve? I see so many people on the forums hateing on Glock. "Glock Fan boy" I try to see both sides of every issue, but I cannot honestly see someones point saying Glock is not a very serious player for one of the best guns made. Glock took a couple steps back with the recently redesigned 4th Generation imo, but to my knowledge has made every attempt to correct the issue and Im sure from the feedback they recieve wont be doing anything crazy in the future. If a Glock doesnt fit your hand or doesnt feel right when you shoot it, I respect that, that is a personal preference, but I see alot of people ecspecially 1911 guys who really stick it out with opinions. Its apples and oranges people.. each fits the intended purpose well. I trust my life every shift with a Glock, and given the choice I carry it with 100% faith that it will perform and do the job when called that way it serves its purpose (which excluded target shooting and collecting should be the only purpose for a firearm, its a weapon not an easy bake oven). Reliability, accuracy, capacity, that what I look for in a handgun. Im gonna say anyone that disagrees that Glock doesnt perform above standard in each of these is just flat out wrong, and will never make a good enough point to change my mind, although I will entertain reasons, Im open minded. Actually I would love to hear responses from guys that hate Glocks and the reasons behind the hate. Some people just LOVE to hate these guns, I guess thats what makes America a great place...your entitled to your opinions (sometimes :rolleyes:)

Jake15 12-27-2011 01:56 PM

I agree with most of what your sayin, I would fully trust a glock to go bang every time, and I believe that glock is a major player in the SD pistol market and I would love to have one but.... There so dang ugly, at least in my opinion, I absolutely hate the grip angle and those little finger grooves and I do not like polymer framed pistols, and yes I'm aware that polymer framed pistols are in no way inferior to steel, I just like my steel frame and having the ability to pistol whip someone if need be. That and a glock is kinda bulky to me. So while the majority of law enforcement and gun owners have gone to using glocks, I'll stick with my 1911, and please don't take any of this as a put down on glock, their just not my favorite.

Glore 12-27-2011 02:56 PM

Thanks for kicking the thread off and thanks for your opinion. It actually brings up another point I'd like to make. I have heard this alot. How do you justify looks of a weapon as being a factor when considering it as a tool to save/take a life? The opinions on this have moved so far beyond its intended actual use that we now justify looks as being in the running for choosing or not choosing a weapon. Guns serve a specific purpose, some are better looking than others, but if your gonna dis on Glocks because they are ugly maybe you need to get out of the gun store and get your butt into an art gallery.

Glore 12-27-2011 03:06 PM

One more thing...+1 for pistol whipping, you got me there, advantage Steel.

gilfo 12-27-2011 04:11 PM

I think Glocks are great, just wish they fit my small hands better, even the Gen 4 was a disapointment for me.

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