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...and that about sums it up. Excellent explanation KG7IL!


Originally Posted by KG7IL View Post
Ok here is the deal.

Glock Leg is called Glock Leg because of the larger number of incidences occuring with Glocks.

The Glock is mentioned primarily because of the sheer numbers of Glocks, all having the "Trigger" Safety as their only safety. I expect other similar designs will join the Glock Leg Numbers, but Glocks still have the quantity and years to be the major contributor.

The Glock does not have any safety feature other than the leaf in the trigger, and the final cock resistance
Glock Leg occurs from a discharge, the discharge occurs from the trigger being depressed (as designed) while holstering the Glock.

The trigger can be depressed by 1) finger, 2) holster material or 3) other material.
  1. Most of the respondants have mentioned the finger being in the firing position while holstering. This of course should be the easiest one to avoid.
  2. I believe there has been adequate discussion of various holster material. Damage, Wear, Thumb Strap or even an internal retention nub, can cause the trigger to be depressed while holstering. I think that modern holsters should address most of the concern.
  3. Other material could be a shirt, cord, or other related stuff, usually clothing. If you have a chunk of stuff in/near the trigger, you may not be aware of this when holstering. This one could happen if your not looking or feeling to ensure that you are clear.

Other Firearms with additional safetys are less likely to cause Glock Leg because there is usually another safety in play

The 1911 for example, has a grip safety as well as manual safety and just make it less likely for a discharge to occur if the trigger is depressed while holstering.

None of this should discourage you from selecting a Glock, but being aware of factors in Glock Leg can help reduce it's occurance. Remember, any Firearm can discharge when conditions are right. The Glock and other similar designs just make it easier.

I have a Glock. but I carry a 1911.
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If I carry something without a safety, then I always look to see that my holster is clear of obstructions before re-holstering...Oh, and take my finger out of the trigger guard. cant forget about that one.


Speak softly and carry a big stick...just know how to use it.

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The Apocalypse Is Coming.....
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personally i think keeping your finger off the trigger is the best way of not shooting yourself with your own pistol! regardless of the brand!

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Originally Posted by axxe55 View Post
personally i think keeping your finger off the trigger is the best way of not shooting yourself with your own pistol! regardless of the brand!
it's the simple things in life
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Avoid complacency. Complacency with firearms will eventually end in tears. As soon as you get that "no sweat, I got this" attitude, fate, Murphy, karma,...whatever you choose to call it, will ensure you are humbled accordingly. Type of firearm is not really the issue.
In the days of early firearms, there is very likely, someone who managed to shoot themselves with a matchlock due to a cavalier attitude and overconfidence.
It's only Glock leg because there are zillions of the things out there giving more people the opportunity to act stupidly with them. Blaming Glock for NDs is tantamount to blaming them for every liquor store hold up in which they are used. Idiot leg is probably a more appropriate name for the disorder.

MSgt, USAF, Retired
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Liberals are constantly telling us about the poor and oppressed in this country. With that in mind, why do they feel the need to keep importing poor people from other countries?

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Default Arrow hand?

Originally Posted by Overkill0084 View Post
. . .In the days of early firearms, there is very likely, someone who managed to shoot themselves with a matchlock due to a cavalier attitude and overconfidence. . . .
I posted a couple of pix here someplace of someone who shot themselves in the hand with an ARROW!
"Sometimes I pretend to be normal, but it's boring and I go back to being me."
"You might as well be yourself, people won’t like you anyway."
"Tres verbo dictom"
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I carry XDm. It does include a grip safety in addition to the trigger safety. Even so, an entanglement in the trigger (booger hook, shirt tail, whatever) can pull the trigger when your palm pushes the gun into the holster (depressing the grip safety in the process).

My conclusion is NOT to avoid striker fired guns and NOT to carry condition 2. I will learn to reholster without depressing the grip safety. Personal responsibility means learning how to handle the gun. Practice makes permanent. So practice perfectly, or else!


"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States
Practice does NOT make perfect. Practice makes permanent. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

Check out 5th FTF Shoot & Hoot.

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Hey was it that came out with a ring you had to wear to shoot the gun? Anybody remember that?

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Magloc and Magna Trigger.


What we have here is... failure- to communicate.

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I don't know what surprises me more. The fact that this crap is being beaten to death, YET AGAIN, or the fact that so many "old heads" are in on it, AGAIN.

Freaking hell, guys.

Might I recommend merging this with all other threads that have rehashed, time and again, the GLOCK leg? Preferably in the GLOCK forum, where I, particularly, have been barred from to prevent my seeing what goes on in the silly little world of the GLOCK "uber fanboy"?

Oh, for the record, before the flamethrower is lit, I personally don't have MUCH issue with GLOCK, and actually intend to pick up a 17 some day.

My issue is with some of it's worshipers. Those that seem to think it's the gun of the gods, and all those who carry anything "less" deserve to be punished with permanent banishment from the world of the living.

End rant.

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