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R3c0n5n1p3r 08-07-2012 08:21 AM

Glock gen 4 issues
Have come 2 learn the small issues on a gen 4 that in my opinion are bad,

1 the texture on grip

2 the back straps I don't like

3 more glossy smooth finish also scratches Easyer .

4 there is a bump on trigger bar that adds about 1.5lbs to the trigger so it's actually 6.5lbs

5 the spring are more apt 2 breaking on rapid fire only on large gen 4's

6 the big mag release button just seems 2 b a bit much.

I put the 3.5 connector and it dropped my gen3 to about 4lbs from the factory 5-5.5 lb trigger on my gen 4 it only took it 2 about 5.5lbs ... I polished / grinded off the bump on the trigger bar and kept the 3.5 connector and it's now about 3.5-4 lbs so now it's good ....
I have now done a ton of mods 2 both glocks 2 where I like them both but I'm Thinking about getting a blank gen 3 frame for about 200 just 2 make it a lil better...

If u know of any other issues let me know or if u think I'm compleatly wrong nicely let me know but I think the Gen 3 glock is the best do far...

GaMatt72 08-07-2012 08:38 AM

Well send it or if you live close enough take to Glock and they will replace and update parts for free. And I have a LEO 22 with the factory lighter trigger so I don't have the trigger problem. You can get a goat trigger and bring it way down. You came get a steel rod spring set also to solve the other if you don't want to send it in.

R3c0n5n1p3r 08-07-2012 08:45 AM

It works fine now all parts work great did alot of the work fixing it my self but i have done 3 other glocks for friends and just seems that all gen 4 in general have at least 3 of my 6 issues the grip and mag release are just me but others are a fact with a out of box glock the trigger and finish I think are bad ...

SSGN_Doc 08-07-2012 09:28 PM

The last Glock I ordered, I specified Gen 3 just because of the reasons you listed.

R3c0n5n1p3r 08-07-2012 10:41 PM


Originally Posted by SSGN_Doc
The last Glock I ordered, I specified Gen 3 just because of the reasons you listed.

That's y I carry my gen 3 I dont like gen 4's but u have 2 b careful because my friend just got a now g30 gen 3 and it's was half gen 4 , it had a gen 4 trigger bar and the gen 4 slide finish that's it but it was a gen3 ... Idk what glock is doing now ....

Ram Rod 08-14-2012 02:18 PM


I'm Thinking about getting a blank gen 3 frame for about 200 just 2 make it a lil better...
Talk to me about a blank gen 3 frame. Never heard of this. The frame has the serial number. Besides.....what all does a blank frame consist of? You do know that a Gen4 ejector assembly/trigger spring housing will not fit in a 3rd Gen frame right?

Personally, I have no reason nor want for a 4th Gen Glock pistol unless I got it for which case I'd turn around and sell it for another 3rd gen. It is what it is. Glock on!

R3c0n5n1p3r 08-14-2012 10:32 PM

U can make it fit I grinded down parts on the glock that made my trigger about 3lbs and polished it and my glock is a gen 3 with gen 4 internals it was purchased as a gen 3 but on disassembly I noticed it had gen 4 internal parts the brand new gen three also has a gen 4 slide finish whitch I do not like also ... The blank frame u do need a cc or a permit 2 buy but its cheaper and only Is the frame no internal parts what do ever ... I can do full service work on a glock glocks are easy.... But the buying a gen 3 frame was 2 find a dark earth color whitch I like for my all ready original G23 gen 3 , my other glock I like 2 call a gen 3.5 lol just 4 fun cuz its half and half ...

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