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Samhain 03-06-2008 02:49 AM

I notice a lot of people on this forum really like the Glock.
My future brother-in-law has one, all I know is it is a .40
I have shot his a few times, shoots good, nice feel, good groups.
He has bought several guns, but loves the Glock, and said he will never but anything other then a Glock again,
What do you guys like about this gun?
and for those of you who don't like Glock, why?

allmons 03-06-2008 04:54 AM

Love my Glocks!
Also, do a search on this website for more info...

People LOVE them or HATE them.

My story - got my first gun at 6 ( 20 ga. Remington semi auto shotgun ). Have loved and used firearms all my life. But I could NEVER keep a .45 Colt-style pistol working. I tried every brand of pistol I could find, many different magazines and meticulous cleaning techniques - all to no avail. Still got jams and stovepipesand failure to feed/fire and/or extract. So I gave up on semi autos and carried Smith & Wesson revolvers. No failures to fire EVER.

Then I was out shooting with a buddy who had an ugly plastic gun called a "GLOCK." As soon as I saw the magazine, I said, "Here we go again!" He handed it to me - and it felt good in my hand. Natural pointability. Good sights. Then I fired the gun until it was empty - 17 rounds - without a hitch. Then I did it again. SO I went out and bought me a model 17 Glock.

That was 1985. I now own several Glock semiauto pistols, have fired many thousands of 9 mm, .45 auto and 10 mm WITHOUT EVER HAVING A SINGLE JAM, FAILURE TO FIRE OR FAILURE TO EXTRACT. It is a semiauto pistol that acts just like a revolver - put a round in the chamber and forget it. When you need it, point and pull the trigger and it fires. No silly safety, no remembering if it needs to be cocked and locked or has a decocking lever, no change in the trigger feel, whether first shot or last.

So I decided I was too stupid to own a Colt-style semiauto, Browning High power or any of the other expensive, complicated pistols. The Glock is like me -stupid, simple, rugged and it works. I didn't even have to take a course or buy special tools to disassemble and clean them!

In conclusion, this dummy is happy with a simple pistol that works well and isn't even all that expensive!


Samhain 03-06-2008 12:36 PM

Allmons - Thanks for the information. I like the single action only and no safety as well, one of the reasons I bought the M&P in .40 cal.
I wonder if these are the same reasons some people hate the glock.
besides they are not the best looking gun.

allmons 03-06-2008 05:00 PM

Yeah, looks matter!
I like performance cars as well and got addicted to Camaros for their looks. The fact that they and the Mustangs both perform very well is impressive, but I just think the 1993 - 1998 Camaro Z28's are the best looking muscle cars made in that time frame.

But make no mistake, if they were slow and sluggish, I would be driving a Mustang instead, because the bottom line is PERFORMANCE.

I've noted that Smith & Wesson and Springfield have both made good, solid polymer/steel pistols that work like the Glock - simple and repeatable results.

As a side note, I've not had much luck with the Ar 15 family of rifles either. So I remain an FNFAL man.

See? Maybe all us Glock guys and gals are just weird!


NGIB 03-07-2008 07:05 PM

I'm picking up my 13th handgun today, not a Glock among them. To each is own and be happy with what works well for you...

jeepejeep 03-08-2008 03:13 PM

I have mixed feelings. I own a Model 32 in 357SIG. After about 500 rounds it wouldn't always fire. I removed the firing pin to find it badly etched. The breach face was eroded also. I never noticed any black marks on primers or any other signs of high pressure. Sent it back to Glock. They said I had been using "high pressure" ammo and would not cover the repair. I told them I used only factory ammo. (mostly Cor-Bon which is hot but still factory stuff). No good, I had to pay for a new slide. Over $200!!!! I was VERY pissed off! Had no choice though. They did send me extra mags, a tacticle light and some other stuff though but still...

Interesting thing now. I use the same ammo plus Double Tap ammo which is also hot and this has not happened with the new slide. I still believe the material used in the original slide was defective but Glock would not admit it.

That said, I really like the gun and it shoots well. It never jams, always fires and is acurate. I just wish I hadn't had this problem with Glock.

stogie25 03-09-2008 12:08 AM

I have a few guns and like all of them for their own attributes. My Glock 21 is the most reliable, all around best gun that I own. If I only owned one hand gun that would be the one. Fortunately guns are like beers instead of being like women, and do not mind if you have another one.....or two.......

PrinC 02-15-2012 03:24 PM

Presently, I own two glock pistols. I use the G35 in 40 caliber for competitions. Very reliable and to date has had no jams nor malfunctions. I like them because they are cheap and reliable weapons. However, to better my game I intend to change my stock sights and trigger system for the league I am competing in. Very good guns.

jrags 02-15-2012 10:41 PM

Well, you are in the "Glock" forum, so almost everyone here should like Glocks. Haha. I have a Glock 37 and Glock 19 Gen 4 and love them both! You can't go wrong. As reliable as anything out there.

trip286 02-15-2012 10:56 PM

I've shot GLOCKs, I don't like them. They do work, I'll give them that. They don't point naturally for me, I don't like the lack of external safety (which is fine to me on a revolver, with a much heavier trigger pull) and I don't like the feel of plastic guns.

Like I said though, they work.

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