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Glock 23 Mods? suggestions!!!

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Default Laser on 23

Originally Posted by MartinG23 View Post
hmmm....well said!!!! I have shot it and I luv it....maybe I'm just one of those techy ppl that wanna do stuff like add a Viridian Green Laser Sight for idk I'm just in super vanity mode since this bad boy is only 3 days new to me!!!
I just put a Crimson Trace laser grip on my .40 cal model 23 and I love it. I don't even know it's on the grip. Feels great and works great. Can't say enough good about it. (I'm not connected to them in any fashion)
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3.5 or 4.5 lb connector, Glock factory extended slide stop, and if it has the plastic sights I would upgrade those. That is all I do to my guns.

You can also put a 3.5 lb connector with a NY1 Trigger spring module for a different trigger feel. Will be about 5-6 lbs of constant pressure instead of the standard take-up-the-slack, hard-at-the-back trigger pull. Its different and not bad, but I went back to standard trigger spring for my gun.

BCM: Vickers Glock Magazine Release

Here is a video with some other ideas.

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On my Glocks I did the basic upgrades...extended slide release, extended slide lock, and the extended mag release. I find them to be well worth the effort to install them and they do not cost much at all. Maybe 15 bucks tops and that's pushing it. The extended slide lock makes it so much easier for dismantling instead of those ittse-bittse-tiny tabs. The extended slide release is so much better than that flat ones Glock has. And the extended mag release is very nice but that's one of those "to each his own" things. Some people don't like them, I like it very much and have no problems with it.

I did not do the 3.5 trigger yet. Still thinking about if I really want to. I like the trigger the way it is now, but who knows.
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Unless you are having some kind of a problem of something that you do not like than I would not do anything. Personally I have the extended mag release on my Glock 23c. On my Glock 21 I have the extended slide release.
Originally Posted by diggsbakes View Post
Now your next task is to shoot it until it hurts, clean, then repeat. That's a beautiful gun. Enjoy!
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Trade it for a sigma? lol! sig maybe but not a sigma
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My Glock Armorer installed a lighter trigger, bigger mag release button, and a bigger slide release on my Glock 19 for 35.00 all together

definitely worth it

I would also look into changing the spring
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Memorize how it works and practice disassembly until you can do it with your eyes closed.

Get 1000 grit sandpaper and polish the ramp lubbing with oil, take your time here and be patient, extended slide release is a good option, buy a new barrel from federal so you can shoot lead with it, 3.5 connector is great, Lasermax is a plus if you can get the money for it, maybe some tritium sights and your're set.

Avoid the titanium firing pin, it will wear out and be unsafe, thou the titanium plunger is good to have, I found that the extended mag release catches on everything and sometimes depreses itself leaving you without a mag fully set.

Great gun for sure, mine has seen over 25k rnds and it's my daily carry
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Interesting Info.
Glock 23 Mods? suggestions!!! - Glock Forum
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3.5# connector. I use a Ghost Rocket with OT stop. (polish the groove where the trigger bar pushes) Replace trigger spring with a 6# trigger spring. Replace firing pin spring with a 4# spring. Replace firing pin safety spring with reduced power spring. Polish the trigger bar where it runs with frame on the frame side. Polish (no metal removed) sear/cruciform and firing pin sear catch.

2.2 - 2.4#s. Competition only. Pretravel same with almost no resistance. Final pull no creep. Wouldn't carry. Learn toride the reset and it can get really fast.

First pistol I have ever owned that uses a spring to help you pull the trigger. Leave factory trigger spring in and pull will go to about 4#s but really smooth.

I will not carry any Glock IWB. I do not trust the trigger. Grew up with 1911s. Carry those cocked and locked.
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Originally Posted by G37 View Post

Look what happens when a glock is in your hand when you trip. No gun that fires when you trip should even be able to be sold!!

YouTube - Glock Accident
Only the inexperienced would keep their finger on the trigger even when not on target. And the video does not show an experienced person. And to call it an "accident" is incorrect. Maybe "gun handler's negligence".
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