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Glock 23 Double Tap?

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Originally Posted by Bighead View Post
From your preferred shooting stance, aim & press the trigger one time. Allow the gun to recoil and return. Once you have reestablished your sight picture, press the trigger again. Do this as slowly as is necessary to control sight picture and trigger press.

As you become more comfortable with your grip, establishing sight picture, and your trigger press the split time between shots one & two will improve.

+1 to JDs discussion about not wanting to shoot an attacker with multiple rounds to the same point of aim is excellent. If I'm trying to cause maximum damage, why would I want to thread second and third rounds into an existing would cavity when I could be creating all new damage. Of course for most of us shooting that good won't be a problem under the stress of actual combat.
+2 for both your and JD's post.

The higher and spread out your shot placement, the better chance you have of complete stoppage. Think of multiple shot placements to the torso like shooting the letter "t." (Groin, stomach, sternum, right peck, left peck, neck, head). Stop shooting when the BG stops.



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The truth is two-fold; Practice and Gun.

You will never get there without practice. You are over-thinking the process. This is required when you start but with practice, this becomes a smooth muscle movement. Practice, practice, practice!

The second is your choice of firearm. I simply can not shoot a glock accurately. I've owned a 40 cal M22 since 1985 and can't put three rapid fire holes in paper!

I hate the 40 S&W round. nuf said!

There are two types of shooting, competition and fighting.

I think your interest is in personal defense and therefore fight shooting. And in fight shooting we do not worry about shot groupings, just shot placement.

My mantra is one used by the old-timers, "..multiple traumas to multiple systems...." more holes means more blood leaks out! Drop the blood pressure and you drop the target!

This is the results of my last range visit. It's a little drill called Mozambique.

Glock 23 Double Tap? - Glock Forum

Glock 23 Double Tap? - Glock Forum

This drill consists of shooting two rounds to the center of the torso, followed by a shot to the head. Under nearly any conditions, engaging an assailant with the Mozambique Drill should offer a high probability that one's assailant will be stopped and likely killed.

Try this read:

And practice, practice, practice!

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I feel totally inadequate following Jack & Cane but I'm in total agreement about combat shooting vs target shooting. I was taught to "walk" up the target using the muzzle rise as your friend. Start at low torso and walk the shots up - you're using the muzzle rise and not fighting against it...
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Originally Posted by canebrake View Post
You will never get there without practice. You are over-thinking the process. This is required when you start but with practice, this becomes a smooth muscle movement. Practice, practice, practice!
Quoted for truth. A double tap is more along the lines of what I would call instinctive shooting in archery. Relying on muscle memory is key for me when I do a double tap. I am nowhere near a quarter-sized grouping, probably more of a 3" grouping than anything.

Even though my current pistol has a long trigger pull, I've learned the sweet spot on the reset so I can throw off a couple of rounds fairly well. I've tried doing three shots in a row, but usually end up wrestling the gun down from its raised position after recoil on the third and get an FTE. Hey, a dude has to fool around every now and then just to see where the limits are. I don't recommend doing anything like this until you are very familiar with your firearm. I probably had over a thousand rounds through my pistol before I even attempted a controlled pair.
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That which many refer to as a "double tap" is more appropriately called a "controlled pair". A true double tap is two shots pointed, rather than aimed as fast as possible allowing recoil to "do its thing". The first shot is generally low at the pelvic girdle area and the second shot is where ever the muzzle happens to be when the shot goes off.
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Two (controlled pair) center mast than one up top thats the drill that I practice for self defense at the range didnt know it was called Mozambique thats awesome I learned something new today. I was really suprised yesterday when I got to shoot a 27 as accurately as I shoot my 19 I thought it was going to have a lot more muzzle flip but I didnt focus on that and I shot just as fine so I think practice is the key IMO. If you can try to practice with a smaller caliber as someone already suggested this might help I know it worked for me. Good luck!
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