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jamesb 11-02-2011 06:37 PM

Glock 17 build thread
I want to build a race gun. Simple as that. I don't compete, and i'm not an incredible shot that it is going to make me that much better of a shooter, but who cares! It will make me happy seeing my firearm complete. I decided last Friday that i'm going to follow through and start the build.

So first off let me say this. I have decided to not build this firearm to compete in any specifc class. I am running a Glock 34 for my local plate shooting and have decided I wanted to build a custom Glock race gun, just because. If it fits in any class then cool, otherwise i'll plate shoot locally and use it for fun at the range.

I'm going to be keeping a running list of parts in this first post. At the end of the build I will post a part list with prices, where items were purchased, the buying experience, as well as any other info you may be interested in. As a photographer, you can expect a lot of high quality photos as the build progresses.

Lets start:

I picked up a used Glock 17 Gen 3 this past weekened. I scored it for a great deal at $389 + tax at a great gun shop. It is like new with all original parts and case included. Well I got the base firearm so lets get ordering parts.

Going into this build, I want an accurate, low recoiling, fast firearm. I want a smoother, lighter trigger than factory. Most of all, I want the Glock reliability to remain intact. Because of this, and the fact I am using factory 9mm ammo, I have decided to not run a comp. I may try one later on, but for now i'm going to leave that alone.

Upon getting the Glock 17 I knew it was time to start ordering parts and getting the complete vision together. For everything so far, i've ordered from and This past weekend I spent a couple hours browsing online for what I want the gun to look like and what parts I want to put into this build to go with my ultimate vision.

Trigger - I've decided to go with a ZEV Tech Fulcrum trigger from Glockworx. With adjustable overtravel and reset, as well as a smoother, lighter trigger pull it seemed like a no brainer. Ordered with red safety and black trigger.

Guiderod - After reading about guiderods, i knew a Zev Tech Tungsten guiderod was the way to go. It is around 50% heavier than stock, so it should help to reduce muzzle rize. I've coupled this with a 12lb recoil spring.

Magwell - To help make reloads easier and faster i've opted for a Zev Tech Speed Feed Magwell in Black with a large insert. This will not only make mag changes quicker, but should also help add to the weight to tame recoil.

Barrel - Since not going with a comp, I wanted a good, well known barrel that offers accuracy. KKM was the obvious choice. I ordered up a KKM Match drop-in barrel. Not only should it give me the accuracy that i'm looking for, but will really offset the build with it's stainless steel finish.

Sights - I was debating what to do here and figured I'd go all out and run a reflex sight. After reading reviews, i've decided to go with a C-More STS 7 MOA red dot. I've ordered the dovetail mount as well, but it will not be used. Why you ask? Just wait.....

Grip - I've ordered Falcon grip to really get a solid hold when firing. This may not stay on very long though as I have plans for the grip frame.

Custom work -Slide - After seeing a forum members custom slide work from i've decided to send out my slide for some custom milling. I've emailed Ray Wong to discuss what I was looking for and i've shipped out the slide this morning. Turn around time is around 45 days. I will be getting the C-More sight cut on the slide which will allow the dot to sit lower, more inline with where the front sight would be. I will also be getting some really sweet milling on the front of the slide. Not only will it allow you to see more of the barrel, but it will also lighten the slide slightly.

Grip frame - I first plan to shoot it without any grip work to get a feel for it. I eventually plan to get the grip frame modified by Glockworx as well. I plan to have the following done:

Double undercut trigger guard
360 Standard Stipple grip
Round trigger guard
Remove finger bumps/grooves
Reduce angle of backstrap

As soon as I start getting parts in, I will start documenting the build with lots of photos and info. This is the biggest firearm project i've taken on besides normal cleaning of firearms

Hopefully everything goes smoothly and no issues arrise.

Hope you all enjoy the build. As I mentioned I will be updating this thread with part photos as they arrive, install photos, and info on ease of assembly, issues, quality, etc.


jamesb 11-02-2011 06:43 PM

Well according to UPS website i've gotten my Glockworx order which consisted of the trigger, guiderod/spring, competition spring kit, and magwell. I still have the lower so I will start the build tonight. Photos to follow.

On a slightly different note, my Dawson magwell, Falcon grip, and Truglo sights came in yesterday for the 34 from Glockstore. The install of the magwell and grip was very easy and it is a huge difference for the better. I still need to put the sights on, but wow!

I also picked up two Glock 33rd factory mags to check out as well. I feel like I need two Glock 19Cs and more 33rd mags now :)

jamesb 11-03-2011 02:58 AM

Tonight as I mentioned earlier, I received my parts from Glockworx. I had some time and I was able to take some photos of my progresss.

First, here is the stock Glock 17 frame that I am starting from. I plan to keep any parts removed for spares.

This is the ZEV Tech Speed Feed magwell. I ordered it in black aluminum with a large brass insert. This setup is heavier than the 6.7 oz Dawsom Precision magwell on my Glock 34. The black finish really goes well with the Glock frame.

Mounts using two screws and really helps with mag changes. Install time took maybe a total of 2 or 3 minutes.

Next, we have the ZEV Tech Tungsten Guiderod, 12lb spring, and their spring retaining washer. Easily put together. I may opt to put a dab of blue loctite on the screw so it doesnít loosen. Knowing how there is constant pressure on it I donít think it is absolutely necessary.

The part I was looking to install the most is the Glockworx Drop-In Fulcrum Trigger. I ordered mine with a red safety. Included with the trigger are two striker springs (2 lb & 3 lb), Trigger Spring, and Titanium Firing Pin Safety with spring.

According to Glockworx the trigger pull is adjustable from 2 - 6 lbs. I found when installing the trigger assembly the pull was definitely lighter and crisper than the stock 5.5 lb pull, but it didnít feel like a 2 lb pull. Also, out of the package the pre-travel and over-travel were still pretty long. I heated up the two allen screws as it was noted in the instructions and tightened the screws about 1/2 turn which shortened both. Now, the trigger has just a hint of pre-travel and the over-travel has been shortened as well. After adjusting the set screws you need to install the trigger and make sure everything works as it should. I wanted to see how much the other springs that were included lightened the trigger, so I decided to install them in my Glock 34 slide as a test. My 17 slide has already been sent out for milling and coating. After installing the 2 lb Striker spring and Titanium Firing Pin Safety and spring, it definitely lightened the pull even more. I would assume the extra trigger spring included is also lighter than the one it came installed with, but I havenít installed that yet. I plan to install the 2 lb Striker Spring and the Ti Firing Pin Safety in the 17 slide. I will then test for reliabily.

Upon finishing all this tonight I think it is really coming together nicely. While working on this project iíve found out what each part does, how to take it all apart, and how to reinstall everything. Glockworx sent the parts quickly, packaged well, and everything I ordered was there.

I canít wait until my order from Glockstore arrives as iím looking forward to continuing the build and documenting it as I go.

Any questions, tips, ideas, or comments are always appreciated.

jamesb 11-18-2011 03:44 AM

Alright it's update time!

Got the Falcon grip tape on.

The new KKM Match Grade drop-in barrel. I can't wait to test this out. Quality looks very good. Looking at the twist rate compared to the stock barrel it is definitely fewer twists.

The optics for the build. C-More STS 3.5 MOA. Looks great. So much so I've placed an order for another one as spare and/or for another gun.

Now the only thing i'm waiting for is the slide to be completed and returned from Glockworx. Then install everything, sight it in, and test it out!

While we wait, here are my new Truglo TFO sights on my Glock 34 plate/carry gun. Also you see my new, and first, IDPA rig from Blade-tech. Only thing not shown is the Wilderness Tactical Easy-Fit Instructor belt.

afi1 11-18-2011 05:25 AM

I've added Vickers mag releases and Glock factory extended slide stop levers to all my Glocks; they're both highly recommended.

jamesb 12-02-2011 07:01 PM

I actually ordered Glock factory extended mag release and slide stop. I like them on my 34 which is why I want them also on the 17. Now i'm just waiting for the slide to be completed and returned from Glockworx.

wcohio 12-02-2011 07:05 PM

That's awesome, man. Reminds me of the AMT long slide for some reason. What's your total cost up to now?

jamesb 12-02-2011 08:38 PM

Once it is completed i'm right around $1,700 on the 17.

Quentin 12-02-2011 09:38 PM

Nice project and thanks for posting! Great pictures too.

EMTchad 12-02-2011 10:00 PM

That is one tricked out glock porn..

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