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Cheatum007 11-20-2007 03:37 PM

G30 crack in frame....
359 rounds threw it, went to field strip it last week after shooting it for the 3rd time and i see 2 small cracks where the recoil spring sets in the frame. This glock is brand new, made on 10/7/2007. Ever seen anything like this, i will be posting pics shortly

Cheatum007 11-21-2007 10:24 PM

Wow Nobody

gnoll 03-17-2008 07:46 PM

but i still wana c the pics the polymer is stronger than steel i here

eng208 04-10-2008 02:41 AM

The recoil spring does not sit in the frame. Not sure what you are talking about. Maybe that is the reason noone has answered this for discussion.

Doug1627 04-11-2008 11:38 PM


Originally Posted by eng208 (Post 21344)
The recoil spring does not sit in the frame. Not sure what you are talking about. Maybe that is the reason noone has answered this for discussion.

I was thinking the same thing.

Where is the pics?

gorknoids 05-20-2008 04:50 AM

Glocks seem to have an assload of defects. Aside from their obviously-inflated reputation, what do they have going for them? Other manufacturers offer double-stack magazines, so why shouldn't I go with a S/W with the same frame and the same capacity.
Seriously, the polymer standards are indistinguishable from one another, and I am trying to figure out if the reported Glock failures are due to everyone carrying one (Reporting tied to sales totals) or if they are simply flooding the market with pimp arms. The flaws I'm reading about are serious, and that leads me to believe it's a quality issue.

yankee2500 05-20-2008 02:40 PM

I believe some of it is in relation to the number of guns sold, as of 1992 Glock sold approx. 350,000 pistols in over 45 countries, of that 250,000 to the USA. That was 16 yrs. ago, how many thousand more have been sold ? If they were not reliabe or prone to major problems I don't believe that 60% of the worlds military and LE would continue to purchase Glock. Any weapon can have problems, Walther one of the oldest and well known gun makers in the world has been having a large number of problems with there new PPS model. (just my opinion) John

Ruger Redhawk 05-20-2008 03:04 PM

Well said Yankee. I've had different makes and models with problems.I've had Smith's, Ruger's,Taurus and a Colt with issues. I had a Ithaca M-37 they machined the receiver wrong.Ithaca replaced this shotgun.I had a Super Redhawk with frame issues.The scope rings were tearing up the frame mounting rail.After two trips to Ruger they decided it was a frame problem and exchanged that gun.I don't care what gun maker it is.Sooner or later there will be issues. Nothing is perfect in this world we live.

jeepcreep927 05-20-2008 06:29 PM

I don't think Glock is inferior to any other and "assload of defects" is a little over stated (no offense). Defects in the gun are usually not the cause, it's usually the ammo. The only exploded Glocks I have heard of (on a "large" scale) were caused by ammo (45 GAP, manufacturer admitted faulty ammo), and reloaded ammo. Glock SPECIFICALLY warns against using reloads, as does almost every manufacturer for liability reasons. However, primarily in .40 S&W, cartride dimensions are critical due to Glock's chamber design. Most reloading manuals state this in data for the .40 S&W. Based on sheer volume of Glock pistols in service both in the US and overseas, both private and police, Glock's incidents of "kabooms" is comparatively low. Considering that their pistols are all based on the same design and material, just sized and sprung and barrelled differently, that seems to me to be a pretty good track record. It's often been said that you either love them or you hate them, but I believe that this is based more on esthetics and a personal ergonomics issue than quality.

gorknoids 05-21-2008 12:43 AM

No offense taken, and thanks for you thoughts. My experience with center-fire weapons centers mainly on the M61A1 and -2, so design and quality standards are my prime concern. The revelation that anyone would incorporate a plastic spring rod in a firearm worries me. The 1911 didn't become famous because it was light, and I'm looking for something in between. Brain picking can be a messy business sometimes! :)

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