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DodgeThis 10-30-2013 01:27 AM

G23 g4
Hey fellow Talkers,

I've been thinking lately about becoming a Glock owner. Yes, I know that
I was a semi auto guy......then a wheel gun only man.........then a combination. Ah, lets face it. I should be a woman as much as I change my mind. But hey, this is America, and I'm free to do so (unless Obama decides other wise).

Well , here is where we stand. I have been looking into the 23 mostly because of the 40 cal. The other standpoints that are a persuasion in this is that it's a little more concealable than the 22 and isn't too tiny like the 27.

So why am I posting here? Well, there are a few questions I have and would also like some opinions.

For starters, I'm pretty sure that with the 40, all I have to do is swap the barrel and I've got a 357sig......right? 40 might not, but I'm sure that 357 is plenty to take down hog as a back up in the woods to my rifle. No I am not going hog hunting with a Glock, but I am NOT going hog huinting without a sidearm that will take one down at <40yrds. And please, let me know if I'm wrong here.

No, this will not only be a hunting sidearm. It will serve as night stander, edc cc, hd, sd, and fun in the back yard. So it is going to be as close to an all around handgun as possible.

Another is the gen.3 vs. gen.4 thing. Other than the grip texture and mag release, I don't recognize any other external differences. Internally there is a double recoil spring. Have I missed anything? Also, how much does the double spring help?

Yes, I know. I'm a Glock rookie. But I don't come lightly with dumping $500 on another mistake. No, I didn't say it was a mistake to buy a Glock. Don't go all Hitler on me. All I'm saying is I want to be sure about my upcoming purchase.

Now, am I positive that I want a Glock? or the 23? No. But other than a revolver, I can't think of another pistol that would fill the roll so well. Yes there are others, but not with the rep of Glock, right?

So, what I need is opinions, input, answers, insight, and anything else that you think I might need to know. This includes any mistakes that I may be about to make and any wrongs that I may have thrown out there. And don't forget to mention anything that I could have not thought about.

Thank you for your thoughts.

ctshooter 10-30-2013 01:32 AM

Keep in mind 357 sig isn't the same thing as 357mag

DodgeThis 10-30-2013 01:35 AM

While true, the 357 sig is virtually a 9mm with 40s&w powder throwing it along. Thus, giving super sweet velocity.

ctshooter 10-30-2013 01:38 AM

Just say the hell with it and get a desert eagle in 50!!!!! Lol

jjones45 10-30-2013 03:45 AM

Not gonna find a more versatile gun than a glock 23. I think I'm starting to sound like a broken record here when it comes to this gun. Drop In factory 357 sig barrel with the same mags and your good to go. Order a 9mm conversion barrel and 9mm mags and your good to go. 3 guns in one. Small enough to conceal and large enough to open carry. HD, go ahead and order the glock factory 22 round 40s&w mags and this gun is in a league of its own. I love my glock 23 and will never part with it. If you don't mind the snappy 40 and 357 sig rounds get this gun and you will not be disappointed

DodgeThis 10-30-2013 11:52 AM

That's kind of my thoughts as far as the versatility. But as far as the recoil goes, no problem. I had a cw40 for a while and loved it. True, after about 100 rnds it'd make marks on your hand, but yet recoil was still manageable. Shooting side by side with my brothers 22 was a world of difference. His Glock dwarfing my Kahr made a tremendous difference in recoil and manageability and allowed for much quicker follow up shots.

That have been said, let me mention as well that if there are any accessories that I should consider, throw them out there as well. I know there are some people who go all out with accessorizing and customizing. But I'm just talking meccessities per say. Such as I will be looking into a light/laser combo for home time usage. But I don't know the best sights and such. So feel free to deem me as a novice gunner but this is how I learn.

Thanks again for any and all advice.

hq357 10-31-2013 08:21 AM

I say go for it i wish i would have bought the glock 23 for my first pistol it fills in all the roles it needs its multi purpose and very reliable i would go with the original gen 3 since barrels And parts are more available. the upgrades i would get would be a storm lake 9mm barrel with a 30 round magazine and id also buy a 20 round 40 cal mag with a laserlight combo it would be my vehicle/ self defense/ home defense handgun its perfect for any situation (:

Doc3402 10-31-2013 10:57 AM

Well, if you want a Glock, get a Glock. Don't worry about Obama. He did promise Change, so you will be within the guidelines set forth in his first campaign.

If you have an opportunity, shoot both the 23 and the 27. I know this makes no sense, but the 27 is my preferred gun to shoot, and I do own them both. On the 27 my little finger has nothing to wrap around. That's a given. On the 23 my little finger almost has something to wrap around, but there isn't quite enough room for it to feel natural. Try them out. Hand sizes vary and you may not have a problem.

bntyhntr6975 10-31-2013 02:12 PM

As has been stated, the versatility that the 23 has is considerable. But I would suggest that you find a way to try out a Glock before jumping on one. Some people dont like the way they feel. But if it fits, you'll never be disappointed. Just remember to keep your finger off the trigger unless you want to shoot. Common sense isnt it?
As for gen 3 vs 4: 4 has more stippling, ambi mag release, interchangable back straps, dual action recoil spring/guide rod, and close to $100 higher price. (Firedragon makes a dual action recoil spring/guide rod for the gen 3 for $75. My 19 wears one, a nice upgrade.)

DodgeThis 11-06-2013 11:30 PM

Well, thanks everyone for all your help. But I wound up going out and making an impulse purchase. That's right. S&W M&P40. So far I love it. No it's not the Glock we discussed nor does it have long term rep, but Smith is trying hard to catch up. It's a little bigger than the 23 but comparable with the 22. I got an awesome deal on my new baby and to top it all off the numnum selling it to me wound up not knowing that it had tritium nite sites. Haha. That's just one more wahoo for me. Everything is excellent and it's super smooth. Also I have to admit I think I like the grip better as we'll. the ergonomics just feel better to me. Thanks again.

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