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Gun Shooter 01-01-2009 12:40 AM

Can I Or Can I NOT??
Have New G17L and G24 (3rd Gen) and I WILL RELOAD FOR THEM BOTH!!! Please Straight Facts and or Information, I Don't Want your OPINION: 2007/2008 Facts And Information!!

matt g 01-01-2009 12:45 AM

What does your owner's manual say about it? As long as you're loading every round to SAAMI specified pressures, I don't see why there would be an issue. SAAMI spec 9x19 Parabellum pressure is 35 kPSI.

ranger_sxt 01-01-2009 04:08 PM

If the gun explodes due to ammunition issues, GLOCK will not cover the repairs. It will be entirely up to you...

Bighead 01-07-2009 06:23 AM

You Can...just understand the (potential) risks.
I am not aware of any concern over properly reloaded ammunition with jacketed bullets. The concern is lead bullets.

The polygonal rifling of the Glock barrel can cause an greater degree of leading when not using jacketed bullets. Some schools of thought say that this increased leading could potentially cause a pressure spike, even with properly loaded ammunition and result in a kB. Concerns about poor case support in OEM Glock barrels increases the risk if you do experience a pressure spike from barrel leading (although most of the case support issues I know of are .40 calibers).

Some say lead is fine as long as you use hardcast manufactured bullets, and not soft homemade lead bullets. Others say lead is fine as long as you clean the barrel regularly after shooting sessions. And still others discount the concern over barrel leading and pressure spikes completely.

So one side of the argument says don't do it unless you buy an aftermarket barrel with traditional lans/grooves. The other side of the argument says shoot what you want. Glock itself doesn't weigh in except with the standard legalize, "The use of reloaded ammunition will void the Glock warranty, due to the unpredictability of the standards (SAMI/NATO) adhered to, since reloads of poor quality ammunition may not meet (SAMI/NATO) specifications, may exceed limits, and therefore may be unsafe."

I personally think there must be something to the concern, but I am not overly alarmist. I would probably be comfortable shooting hardcast lead bullets at standard pressures and cleaning my barrel at regular intervals.

Or course, what YOU do is a question you have to answer.

At Midway USA 500-count Remington 115 grain FMJ 9mm bullets cost about $55, and 500-count Hunters Supply Hard Cast 115 grain 9mm lead bullets cost about $45. I would probably pay the extra ten bucks with all others things being equal, and not worry about the kB risk. I don't personally reload so if this isn't as easy as buying the different bullets, then ignore my ignorance.

If my post doesn't meet your 2007/2008 facts/information only, then sorry. This issue significantly predates 2007/2008 and there has been no change in the technology of polygonal barrels or lead bullets. I had no luck finding brand new information while researching this topic, so I figured a recap of the known potential issues would be appropriate for other reading the post.

sgtdeath66 01-07-2009 06:45 AM

the manual that came with mine said DO NOT USE RELOADED AMMOin GLOCK factory barrels, so i never did it also says dont use lead ammo, so i didnt. i know you dont want opinions but heres mine anyways, dont go against what they say as it could be dangerous to your safety and the people around you. so make your own call on this one. no one here can give you facts on the subject better than the people at GLOCK. good luck in your search for knowledge though :)

infotech 01-07-2009 07:08 AM

It's all about quality control, if you are doing your own reloads and can be on top of the process, the quality of your powder and brass, etc you should have no issues just like the huge numbers of shooters who reload for themselves to save money or for accuracy.

The problems with reloads are almost always due to buying them from people who take short cuts or do not stay on top of the process and materials. Gun show reload ammo is the common cause of issues.

Also, every gun is different in what it can tolerate and what it cannot. As previously posted, the Glock is a bit of a special case due to it's construction and materials. You will need to allow for that in the inspection of your materials and the number of times you reload spent casings.

Gun makers will always have a reload ammo caveat in the warranty. This is because they cannot assume a set standard in the product. You are not a ammunition supplier who is required to conform to exact standards and specifications, hence they cannot warranty the use of your "product" in theirs. Should the gun fail using factory ammo they can assume it was most likely correctly made and the failure is in the weapon. If a reload causes the failure they have no way of knowing if the problem was too much powder, worn casing, poor QC in the powder makers factory, etc, etc.

ranger_sxt 01-07-2009 04:52 PM

Yes, all gunmakers have that caveat. Most will simply ignore it. GLOCK won't. If your gun blows up and you were using reloads, you'll have to pay for it to be fixed...

robocop10mm 01-07-2009 06:05 PM

Shooting lead bullets through a glock barrel is like running 87 octane through an engine that calls for 92 octane. Can you get away with it? Maybe. But if you have a problem, it will be expensive to fix.

squib 01-09-2009 05:31 AM

No opinions here---If you have to reload for a Glock,of any caliber,
take the prudent safety precaution of using an aftermarket barrel
that can handle not only lead but SAMI pressures........................

ranger_sxt 01-09-2009 03:59 PM


Originally Posted by squib (Post 60925)
No opinions here---If you have to reload for a Glock,of any caliber,
take the prudent safety precaution of using an aftermarket barrel
that can handle not only lead but SAMI pressures........................

What? Can you cite anything that says otherwise?

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