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Gatekeeper 09-29-2009 09:55 PM

Anyone Install/Use 3.5lb connector???
Ive been thinking about ordering a 3.5lb for my G21 for quite awhile.
Some have told me they like it, some said they didn't
Wanted some thoughts on the subject such as....

Have you used one?
Did/Do you like it?
Easy installation?
Do any other modifications when installing (polishing surfaces etc.)
What factory trigger group did you install on? (5lb, new york trigger, etc)
Do you use on a carry piece or strictly for target or competition?
Any problems?
etc, etc..

Please share your thoughts and experiences with the 3.5lb connector.

Ram Rod 09-29-2009 11:33 PM

Right now I have the 3.5# connector/NY1 trigger spring combos in both the G17, and a G19. Me and my wife's USPSA match pistols. I shot steel challenge back in August with my G17 and the 3.5# connector alone and liked it. Easy installation? You bet. I don't recommend the 3.5# connector/stock trigger spring for carry....only for competition. The 3.5# connector/NY1 spring is about the best trigger you could have in a Glock pistol in my opinion, and I see no problem with the combo for carry. I haven't done so yet, but I may soon. You can find the Glock OEM 3.5# connectors on EBay now and then from $15-$20. The aftermarket Scherer are a bit cheaper usually, but I'd rather stick with the Glock factory.

utf59 09-30-2009 02:11 PM

I have a 3.5 on my G30 that replaced the factory (5/5.5) connector. I like it a lot. It is my carry gun. I tend to be more accurate with the lighter connector, and that's why I leave it on my carry gun.

This past weekend, I shot my father-in-law's new G22 with the stock connector in it, and it cause my finger to creep around a bit on the trigger. I had to really concentrate on the trigger to keep the sights lined up, and it felt like each trigger pull was two motions. I don't remember any Glock I've shot before being that difficult. Now that I think about it, I should have asked if that might be a NY trigger.

Ramrod brings up a good point about the stock connector in a carry gun. As I said above, I keep the lighter connector in my carry gun because I'm more accurate with it. But there are many who believe that under stress, the adrenaline rush might cause someone to accidentally dishcarge a weapon if the trigger pull is that light. And there are others who will also point out that in court, the bad guy's lawyer will point to your lightened connector as evidence that you want it to be easier to shoot people.

Ram Rod 09-30-2009 08:38 PM

Well, since we are on the G23 came with an 8lb connector. It was pretty rough, but I was accurate with it. The 3.5lb connector/NY1 trigger spring feel is that of a double action revolver....smooth from beginning to end, but if you ride the sear (reset), the same lightweight pull of 3.5lb is felt. Ayoob and Glock approve of the 3.5lb connector/NY1 spring for duty and carry. To sum things up, you should become one with your tools. Your tools are an extension of yourself. We should all know our limitations, and what to expect once we pull the trigger. It's not a game, or a part time's designed to save your life or someone else's if and when the time comes. Like I've said.....I've dabbled with the different triggers mainly for competition reasons. I've put smooth (G17) triggers in all of my compact and sub-compact Glocks. Factory Glocks are more than reliable, they are dependable, and the stock set-up is generally a two stage trigger the way I see it. This is a turn off for those not willing to take the time and effort to learn the trigger and work with what they've got. There's a reason for everything, and I think I've made myself adaptable to where it has become second nature to me. The stock set-up is very good IMO, and the 3.5lb connector alone will give you one of two options the way I see it. The same overall two-stage pull and travel as stock with the lighter let-off, or the lighter let-off if you ride the reset. This is my experience with the Glock triggers and options. Anyone can swap these parts out following instructions in ten minutes, and change them back when they want to. Glock made their competition models (G34 and G35) with the 3.5lb connector for a reason and it works. There's just so much more you can do to a competition Glock after the fact. But a primary EDC (every day carry) pistol should remain close to stock since we all know what a prosecuting attorney is after.....your blood, your money, your life with no mercy no matter how right you were in doing what you did.

Gatekeeper 10-02-2009 01:51 AM

Thanks for the response's. Im still on the fence. I dont really mind the stock 5lb, just thinking 'bout trying something different

Ram Rod 10-02-2009 02:12 AM

Last one I got off EBay was $15.50 free shipping. Don't see them for that very often. A NY1 trigger spring will run you less than shipping from I think they are $2.95 each. Tom went flat rate on his shipping this past year, and I think it's $9.95, so if you can think of any other parts you'll need, it might do well to make a list. I get most of my Glock OEM parts there. IMO, the 3.5# connector/NY1 spring is going to be so "different", I think you'll end up falling in love with it. It grows on me every day, and the wife and I are taking the 17/19 Glocks to the monthly Steel Challenge in Ft Smith this Saturday with the new trigger set-up!

Gatekeeper 10-02-2009 02:42 AM

Alrite you twisted my arm. :D
I don't completely release the trigger after each shot, I just release enough to reset.

Ram, Are you saying the second stage pull/reset is also smoother with the ny1/3.5 than stock or just the first "stage" takeup?
Im gonna order the 3.5/NY1 setup and try it out regardless, just wanted to clarify
Just checked , only connectors I found were 5 & 8lb.
Gotta check Ebay now

Ram Rod 10-02-2009 03:38 AM

Yes...connectors on ebay, and the NY1 trigger spring at
The whole pull is smoother, and the same all the way through. Your reset will be the 3.5lbs.

Gatekeeper 10-02-2009 10:06 PM

Thanks again RR. Last nite ordered a new polished OEM 3.5 connector from a glock armorer on EB.
Guys sold a few hundred of em, got good feedback. I was going to polish the
engagement surfaces anyway so this saved me some hassle.

About to order the NY1 spring now and maybe an armorers tool.
I know, its just a punch.:rolleyes:

Thanks for the help---Ken

Ram Rod 10-02-2009 10:47 PM

Keep us (me) posted on how it goes. Recommend taking it to the range with the 3.5lb connector alone installed. Then try the combo with the NY1 spring installed. Then you decide on how it's going to be. One thing I've never done is try the NY1 spring with the factory 5lb connector. I'll be interested to know the outcome for you and how you feel about either or both. I carry all of the time, and so does my wife now that she got her permit. Our competition pistols were/are carry pistols, and I alternate once in a while. We both carry 40's, me the G23, and her the G27. Matches are the nines for cost and effectiveness. My wife loves the new trigger on hers, and I installed an extended mag release for her on the G19 as well to make everything better so she can do her best. Me? I'm sort of desensitized to the Glock trigger, and almost any combo would work for me. It's just the feel, getting used to it, and shaving a few seconds off here and there, and making good hits the first time without wasting ammo. Both of us have a goal in mind, and it will likely take us into next year's matches before we get it all ironed out. But it's a lot of fun doing it, and I'm proud of my wife after being thrown into it in June of this year. She keeps herself going with better scores each time, and tomorrow is the big one! I like to keep a smile on her face, and knowing she's done the best she can do with her pistol puts a smile on mine. One of these days, she's going to best me, and I'm all for it. Until that time, I'll do anything it takes to make it easier on her because she works hard at it. That's the number one reason I got into the trigger mods I have on our Glock pistols for carry or competition.

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