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anyone else get brass to the face?.

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Originally Posted by stevem8 View Post
If you have an early model Gen 4, you probably have the "bad" ejector. . . . etc.
Thanks, I'll check it.
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I think it could be the shooters grip. I just got back from shooting mine today, and I took two brass cases to the top of the head. I noticed that if you limp wrist it a bit it tends to throw brass in your direction. Definitely not a solid hypothesis, but that's my 2 cents.
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I usually see Limp Wristing causing stove-piping or Failure To Feed issues. Only time I can recall seeing folks take brass to the face w/most pistols is when they're on an indoor range and it's ricocheting from the side blast panels (or whatever they're called) or with cheap or lower-power ammunition.
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Originally Posted by willerfortheworld View Post
I was shooting with my buddy, I had my cz p01 and he had his new g19 gen 4 at the range the other day.

His gun threw hot brass at your face like every 2 out of 10 rounds... mine did not? Is that normal? Can I get a different extractor to help?

Also his slide would release when you stick a mag in it with authority.. I tried with mine and I can't.. is that some feature glock has?

I was thinkin of getting a g19 to add to my compact 9mm collection, but am a little iffy of them now. I may go with a xd9 to relieve my tupperware fetish:P ♥♥
I have a gen 2 g19 that has never given any issues with extraction but I have a gen 4 g27 that would occasionally throw one back at me. After I removed the extractor I noticed that it was a very rough cast on the sides that could possibly cause some sticking, so I took my diamond sharpening stone and polished both sides of the extractor just a little. The steel seemed kind of soft so it only took a few strokes. Since then it has thrown brass with authority and all brass falls very close to the same spot. Not one single round out of the last 200 back at me. This worked so well that I did the same thing with my G30 with a storm lake 10mm barrel. Up to now I had left it alone expecting some extraction issues due to the conversion. The brass was ejecting a little erratic but no jams just an occasional ejection back at my head. While I was at it I went ahead and took a little off the extractor stop nub, letting it go in a little deeper to grab the smaller 10mm round. Now that grabs the brass and throws the 10mm brass a good 10ft or more in a nice pile and created no extraction issues with the stock 45 barrel in place. I hear people all the time talking about the xd springfields as a replacement for the glock. I have many handguns and the 3 glocks are good guns but not my favorites. I have to admit they work well, they are easy to work on and cheap to buy. They just arent pretty. I have 3 shooting buddies with xd's and the everyone one of them jam often. I dont think it is a gun problem as much as they are picky about ammo and you cant limp wrist them or they will jam. Not sure what polymer gun I would get other than Glock. My Ruger 345 is darn good but a single stack.
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I have a g27 gen 4 never had an isue with it never jams,of course i polished the barrel and modified the trigger for a crisper pull. As far as i know the slide stays open when the mag is empty after you shoot it.
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When I first acquired my G30, its brass smacked me squarely in the middle of the forehead every shot I fired. I had just traded for it and knew it had a broken ejector. If functioned each and every time I squeezed the trigger, but placed the brass right smack in the forehead. A new ejector fixed that and it has never failed to fuction flawlessly since...and no more brass to the head!
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On the first Gen 4's Glock changed the extractor form the original that functioned great for so many years. Some of these guns have the problem with throwing the brass back at the shooter. Glock will provide you with a new extractor (which is the old original extractor) that will fix the problem.
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