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gk23 09-14-2009 03:59 AM

40 cal glock owners
just curious what brand of ammunition do u guys use and why?

Ram Rod 09-14-2009 08:57 AM

For range, or carry?
I use whatever I can find for the range. Mainly Remington Golden Sabers for PD.
Why? I've been doing this a long time. G23 and G27. I used to have the G22, but it got traded on the G23.

gk23 09-15-2009 01:48 AM

Becouse ive been using independence ammunition (18$ BOX 50 ROUNDS)for a while know on my glock and the other day i tried some american eagle at the range and my shot groupings were so much better my gun seemed to be more accurate

sweeper22 09-15-2009 03:25 AM

My .40 is a Sig226, but one of the better deals out there right now on range ammo is Federal Champion. I believe it's a Walmart exclusive. I bought about 10 boxes (50ct) in August for $12.47 each. The prices have increased a little in some regions, but it's still under $14.

Federal is also making a bargain load under the "Champion" name for 9mm ($9/box) as well...not sure about other calibers though.

james_black 09-15-2009 03:39 AM

I own 2 glock 22 and I used 2 different ones. Golden saber either 165 or 180 hollow point and or speer gold dot 165 or 180 hollow point. I take advantage of the caliber's high pressure round and use a heavy projectile for self defense. My 2 cents.

Glock17TJ 09-16-2009 06:34 AM

I use Speer Gold Dots 180 JHP..Both my G23 and G27 eat it with no problems. I sometimes buy Winchester WinClean..shoots good..UMC, CCI Blazers or Blazer Brass..both guns shoot well with any of the ammo..I have found they both are more accurate with the 180gr...Goto once in a while he will have loose package 40 cal ammo cheap..I got 1000rds of Speer Gold Dot 180gr JHP for 299.00 and free shipping...can't beat that price...

Glockanista 09-17-2009 06:31 PM

For the range, I shoot whatever I can find. Right now, I am shooting 180 gr White Box. American Eagle is my favorite, but hard for me to find right now.

I load all 3 of my 40's (22,23,27) with 135 gr CorBon hollow points. I like fast flying rounds and the 135's will fly at 1325 fps out of the 22 and 23 and around 1275 out of the 27.

One of the good things about Glock pistols, they are not ammo sensitive. They re like a hungry lion, they eat anything you throw at them.

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