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Where To Draw the Line on Guns with Friends

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you can't stop them from shooting their own firearms, but you can stop them from shooting with you. my 5 year old son amd i shoot cans with airsoft in the back yard and i teach him complete fire arm safety. i do this because he will carry this with him later in life. a gun in the hand of an unsafe idiot is a lethal weapon to theirselves as well as anyone with in range. i am all about 2nd ammendmant rights, but there should be a mandatory safety class for first time buyers of firearms of any kind. this could save many lives. i don't generally take newbies in the woods to shoot with me, but i have and i tell them the rules, it's common sense to me, and will be with my children. not growing up around guns can be good for the right people i guess, untill you decide that you want to own one. i have acuused even my own father of being reckless with a weapon (he learned his lesson when he shot a hole through the floor, and then another through the window) so even experienced gun owners could use a reality check every once in a while. i was brain washed at parris island about gun safety, many others have not had this experience. guys like your friend need to just stick with airsoft guns, losing an eye, while painfull and unfortunate doesn't cause death. we call our firearms toys, but they are anything but, they are deadly things, and should be treated as such. maybe when a bg walks ito your friends house he can shoot his eyes out with his toy gun, my "toys" are deadly and are treated as such no matter who is handling them.
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Thank you everybody for your responses. It seem pretty unanymous that my friend(s) shouldnt be shooting with me. I'm really glad that im reacting accordingly by not having them shoot with me. Whats really impressive is that you all brought up different yet valid pointts as to why

On a side note, robocop, i cant argue that with firearms they are stupid. But theyre still great people, so i ask you to please keep the insults of them to a minimum. Thank you!
"You know what happens to men who go looking for blood? They find it." - Kind Old Man
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Safety can take a back seat to nothing.
Romans 1:16 I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile.
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Time to ramp up the standards.
"Guns don't kill people. Male Kennedy's kill people."
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It isn't hard to answer that one because I have experience in the matter. I can think of three people who I have shot with once and once only for the same reason. They are not kids and should know better, so I decided immediately to take no chances with them. I recommended each to take a firearms safety class, but stopped short of saying it was that or never shoot with me again. All three thought the idea was a waste of time, thinking that was only for people who were interested in concealed carry permits. I know others who I have never shot with and never will because of stories I have heard from trusted friends. The best time to make the right decision is before you or someone else gets hurt.
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I once read that,
"Advice is what you ask for when you already know the answer, but wish you didn't."
I think that is the case here. Tell your friend(s) to follow basic gun safety or you will no longer shoot together.
There is in life perhaps one fleeting moment when the courage, dedication and resolve of one man gambling against all odds will alter the destiny of nations.
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do you mean air rifle or airsoft? I mean i've played airsoft with friends but wear eye protection
aim small, miss small
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I think back on some of the stupid/irresponsible things we did as youthful shooters and shudder. We knew and practiced proper safety, but also chose to act crazy and show off. I could not imagine watching, much less engaging in such acts nowadays.

If your "friends" can't even treat an airsoft in a safe manner, do yourself a favor and don't even consider letting them around a "real" gun.
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Originally Posted by c3shooter View Post
I shoot with my grandkids, who have VERY good range manners. But I have seen some very tall childern out there. They should be limited to cap guns, or pointing fingers and yelling "BANG!" until they grow up.

Gee- what WAS that line from Forrest Gump? Oh- "Stupid is as stupid does."
I am with C3 on this one drop these kids and find some grown ups to shoot with
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You mean you didn't punch him in the dam face when he pointed the gun at you?

After I beat his ass down and kicked him in the dam junk. I would then tell him he is no longer allowed on the range with me. Pack up and go home.

I have a zero tolerance policy with gun safety. You screw up I am going to have a field day with you. You follow my rules or your out. I may give you a ride if you don't piss me off to bad.

Guns can be fun but they made of cause destruction of what ever is on the receiving end of them.
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