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What is important in a forest/urban/snow/swamp environemnt ?

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@Cindy and vikingdad, no worries I can take a little fun on my cost, but things like Shoobee & clr8ter said were not only very ignorant and present a very limited view of the world, but also downright insulting for no reason at all.

Originally Posted by clr8ter View Post
You are encountering resistance because people here like to shoot REAL guns. As a group, we tend to frown upon people who have no real-world experience with them, but instead choose to sit on their asses playing video games. THAT'S childish. Video games are for kids, not men. (Or women)

I personally have not encountered this, as I tend to hang with the real guns crowd, but it's looked down upon even more when above mentioned people spout Sh!t about guns like they actually know something. They seem to be lumped in with Mall Ninjas. (Another group I have not had much contact with) Playing video games teaches you very little about guns. If you want to learn something here, ask a lot of questions and then apply what you've learned, and go out and buy a gun and go shoot it! With the job you brag about, money shouldn't be a problem.
Most of the people writing in the thread were trying to be helpful.
People here like to shoot real guns, thats why i am asking here right ?

You apparently frown upon people that have no experience (in a forum, a form of communication that exists to share experiences ?)
Also which kind of flawed logic is that ? You got the experience because others helped you. Without new people, your kind is dying out.
So we now frown upon new people learning, is that so ? "Oh hey children, Im not teaching you things, come back when you have experience!"

"Sitting on their asses playing video games" Where did I say that I play video games, I make them. People working on racing cars are likely no race drivers.
I certainly play a bunch of games, thats part of the job, but I do it to learn mainly.

However, in which way is playing video games another form of hobby than shooting at the range is ? You do it for fun in your spare time and want to get
better at it. So hobbies are a bad thing ? Doing things for fun is childish ?

There is no difference between playing a game, reading a book, watching a show, shooting for fun, driving for fun, chatting with people, sex or doing sports. You do it for fun or because its enriching your life in some way that will result in you having a better time.

Shunning something you do not like or you are afraid to try, that is childish.
Having strong double standards and not wanting to learn, that is ignorant.

Playing exists for as long as humanity exists, and playing is the best way to learn new things. Children learn by playing, and children learn hell a lot faster than adolescents do.

Being a adult is not being serious and not having fun anymore, thats stupid.
Being an adult is taking responsibility and acting in the right ways for you and people around.

Also the world is NOT based around your interests. Video games are not meant to teach you about guns. Thats what education does. Videogames teach you a lot about many things, including guns, but they do it without trying. (If it is supposed to be very accurate, it is called a Simulation)

Oh, and ironically
Here I am, developing games, seeking the help of people firing so called REAL guns, and then you personally want to deny me information because videogames
do not have correct gun facts ? Am I seeing this right ? Do you see the irony here ? Make up your mind.

There is no "Real gun crows" as there is no "False gun crowd", I do not know how you imagine that.
Theres a gun crowd, and there are game crowds obviously. Theres nothing like game people trying to be some sort of second gun people.
Its also not as easy to own and do things with guns in europe as it is in
America. Not everyone lives at your place and has your conditions.

Stop thinking so elitist and open your eyes for the rest of the world, theres a lot more than you see, and its not centered around your limited view.
Also it would be a start do not have such a strong opinion about things you have little clue about.


@Vikingdad, well maybe I could have written it all, but I did not see how I matter in my question or how
games stand in the modern world changes anything about my question about environmental problems, but I get your point

Ty JonM, interesting things!

@yazul42, yes I imagined that, high tech everywhere now

Sorry for the wall of text guys, but there was so much ignorance, and I thought I had to clarify this. Thanks for all the helpful people contributing,
I got a good amount of info and inspiration and the mechanics will definitely be better as a result : )

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