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What was the best training you've had and why?

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Originally Posted by SigGambler View Post
I have taken several coarses in tatics with a pistol and I have to say the best instruction and training I have had so far has been with Bank Miller. He covered everything from snap shooting, nite shooting, shooting while on the move, including backing away, laying on your side, etc, etc. I was one whiped puppy when I was finished. I have trained with several others and they were very well also and added to feeding my real weapon (my brain). I was just wondering what others favorite trainer/school has been and why? I apologize if this topic has be talked to death already and it is locked by the admins.

Thanks in advance,
Massad Ayoob's LFI 1 has been my best, but not only, training.
His course prepares you for the realities of the aftermath of a self defense encounter better than any other I've seen.

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The best firearms training I have had so far has to be Special Reaction Team (SWAT for the military). Shot something like 5k rounds in two weeks.

But I am in charge of the engagement skills trainer at my base so I get to practice shooting techniques without buying a single round. The EST system is a big video game for the military that simulates weapons we use everyday. Trigger pull, trigger reset, recoil is all the same as if you are shooting the real thing.
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Actually getting shot at. Pretty good training
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my best training? Dad.

0311 infantry, jungle warfare instructor of small unit guerrilla operations. he was MARSOC before there was one. once i turned 12 all the way up till i joined the marines that man taught me everything i know. major park by our house closed at 11pm. he would take me out at 2am and teach me night movement, recon operations, tracking, evade and escape, and not to mention stalking park rangers on foot patrol. of course we never made full contact, but if we did i could only imagine the legal ramifications, but he always told me the whole point is to not get caught in the first place. thank god none of them had the idea to turn around.

kudos on the quote Cory, i concur in a sense.
If Sam Colt made men equal, then John Moses Browning made some men better than others.

Do not attend a gunfight with a handgun whose caliber does not start with a "4."
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The best training I ever had was at the range with a friend of mine instructing me (Former Marine Range Master/ Instructor).
But the best learning I've ever had was when I had a BG come through the door at 4am one morning.
Everything I thought I knew/ learned went right out the window and I did just enough to survive. No fancy shooting position's, no footwork, no proper sight alignment.
Just a point and shoot then dial 911 once the BG was gone.
Turned out that both rounds went into the doorjam next to him and not into him.

Punching paper is no substitute for what really happens.
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Originally Posted by Chandler51 View Post
I think a .50 BMG to the grape might challenge that theory... :)
Originally Posted by Paladin201 View Post
True, but if you put a .50 BMG to the grape, there's not going to be much to look at in X-rays.
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The 60 year old man who taught me to shoot when I was 13. He had one arm, shot off by himself at age 16, in a hunting accident with a double barrel shotgun.
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Originally Posted by kusterleXD View Post
Combat. Training is one thing, actually putting your skills to the test when it counts is another.
Best Regards.......Eagle Six
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Combination of military and outsourced companies that the military used to train me. Gryphon Group and LMS Defense are two that I have been through with my current unit. Hated and loved them at the same time.
Gyphon Group; I didn't like the pepper spray...major suckfest. I enjoyed learning how to uparmor vehicles with easily accessible items, avoidance driving, etc.
LMS Defense; two weeks of hell. Full battle rattle and operating under extreme stressors to ingrain muscle memory.
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It seems that the best training is often the first. The basics are the basics. The icing on the cake (and that needs to be constantly refreshed) is the more advanced training from people like Clint Smith, Massad Ayoob, and all the greats.
"To disarm the people is the most effectual way to enslave them."
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Default Work requires I carry shotgun

My employer requires Bear awareness instruct training, (1 day course) Tested
a firarms course in the firearm were issued instruct (1 day) Tested
Annual firearms qualification of the Rem 870 slug shotgun on stationary target and charging bear target, use of bean bag round, cracker shell, and 2.3/4" 1 oz Brennike slug's. (tested)
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