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rhodieusmc 04-28-2008 10:49 PM

USSA June Training Calendar
New Courses Offered in 2008

USSA Tactical Handgun 213
USSA Tactical Handgun Intensive 214
USSA Ladies Handgun 215
USSA Introduction to Rifle Marksmanship 232
USSA Edged Weapons: Offensive and Defensive 260
USSA Fighting Sciences 270

June Training Calendar

Plan Now for Your Training Needs in June

USSA Introduction to Rifle Marksmanship 252

USSA SECURE Family 310


USSA Introduction to Handgun Marksmanship 251

USSA Tactical Handgun 210

USSA Tactical Shotgun 220

USSA Tactical Handgun 211

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Regardless of your profession and proficiency level with any firearm, our world-class instructors will continually assist in building the foundation necessary for you to accomplish your goals. Rest assured, both the competition or an adversary will conduct his or her own training to put you down. As society becomes more violent and unpredictable we see a new pinnacle of fear among the public. Don't hesitate, review our program and make that call today. We look forward to hearing from you soon, until then stay safe and stealthy!

Most Respectfully,

Brendan J. Fitzgerald

Director of Sales, USSA

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