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Unarmed against a knife

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If I can keep him away until I reach a weapon, I will. Lacking tables, chairs, lamps, 6 ft of log chain, I will make the assumption that I WILL get cut. Forget disarming. Let him come to me, get inside his shirt with him, and kill/disable him as quickly as I can. Eyes/temple/throat/groin/knee. Stop the brain, you stop the hand, stop the hand, you stop the blade.
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Let's see now, a blackbelt in jujitsu vs. 10mm - Hmmm

Unarmed? Not likely.
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I love how everyone has a story about where they have been assaulted and people still say that we are safe and that a concealed carry is not necessary.
When I turn 21 I am going to go sign up for concealed carry classes and then on the way back home I will pick up a case of beer. After that I will need to find a good concealable fire arm..
"This is my rifle, this is my gun." "This is for fighting, this is for fun." -Full Metal Jacket

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I don't remember the source, but I was once told that most gun shot victims that make it to the emergency room do survive. The flip side, most stabbing victims do not survive. A knife does a lot of damage.
I have found that all to often, gun armed people think they are at a great advantage over a knife carrier. If you are ready, and have the luxury of distance, the gun will win that fight. As the distance closes up, things get "complicated".
In training, I place two students seven yards apart. One is the defensive gun carrier and the other is the attacking knife carrier. Gun carrier has a timer and records the time it takes the knifer to cover the seven yards. The knifer starts his charge when he wants to, so the total time also includes the gunners reaction time. Keep in mind that the gunner knows the knifer is going to charge and is ready.
Okay, where is all this going? A knifer will cover the seven yards and put the blade in the gunner in just less than TWO seconds. An experienced/trained defensive gunner, expecting attack and tensed up facing the threat, using non-retention gear and drawing from concealment, can put two rounds in the target in about 1.75 seconds. Gentleman, in that situation, you will get cut. The attacker probably won't drop in his tracks. He probably will power through to you and start cutting you up.
Lessons I try to hammer into students. Knives are VERY dangerous. Try to keep 10 yards between you and him. As soon as he moves toward you, you move away from him, distance is the only advantage you have. Shoot him down to the ground. One, two, three, ten, fifteen, whatever it takes. Let Chuck Norris handle all the unarmed stuff, the rest of us shoot.
There is in life perhaps one fleeting moment when the courage, dedication and resolve of one man gambling against all odds will alter the destiny of nations.
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Many people don't realize the real world is not like the movies. They think you can shoot knives out of peoples hands and stupid stuff like that. We had an officer involved shooting in my town just a couple of months ago. Two officers were responding to a domestic dispute at a hotel. The husband started coming toward them with a knife. They shot him dead right there. DUH!!! What else could have they done? According to all the idiots in Grand Junction this was unjustified. The officers were cleared of any wrong doing but not without a fight and a bunch of slander from the public.

I believe the only way to safely disarm a knife wielding person is to remove it from their hand after you have shot them a couple of times!
Romans 1:16 I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile.
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Tueller Drill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Learning how to use your hands and feet to create distance is critical when using a firearm. People think they can draw much faster than they really can. Practice your draw!
I can draw from my crossbreed pretty fast. I draw while stepping or shuffling sideways and back.
Trying to create distance in a small room is more than difficult, know some hand skills. Use angles and circular hand movements.
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i was at a friend of mines party...there was 4 of use still going @3am in the morning...one of his drunken room mates came out of his bed room and asked us to keep it down,he was trying to sleep...we told him no problem.well the two girls there with us got a lil bit loud and no more then 10mins later,my friends room mate comes out brandishing a giant flemarket special bowie knife,and tells us hes going to cut our tounges out with the knife...my friend got his attention while i inched my way closer to him...keep in mind the guy is only 5'5''125lbs full of beer and is sh@tfaced...well i noticed he wasnt paying me any mind so the liquid courage kicked in and within 3sec. i was able to strip the knife out of his hands and didnt end up with a scratch...though after my friend took him to the ground and a few fisticuffs from my friend,there i was pulling him off the drunken roommatenow i understand it was one of the dumbest things i could have ever done @ the time...and knowing what i know now...i think i would have just grabbed the females and got the fu@k outta there...unless i had been armed...of course beer-n-guns never mix
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Two year old post. Just fyi
"Gun control: The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her panty hose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound." L. Neil Smith

The problem with being stupid is you cannot simply decide to stop doing dumb things...

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Someone owes this thread two birthday cakes.
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Originally Posted by texaswoodworker View Post
Someone owes this thread two birthday cakes.
HA! Post of the day!
"Ideology deludes, inspires dishonesty, and breeds fanaticism. Facts, experience, and logic are much better at leading you to the truth."

"Despite the conviction and seeming depth of knowledge with which ideologues speak, they are intellectual weaklings--joiners--who defer to systems of belief and charismatic gurus for their ideas." -- Daniel J. Flynn

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