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Greebo 02-11-2011 05:11 PM

Training with a 22lr upper - good or bad?
I've a question for you guys....what's you opinion, I see a lot of ppl talking about using a 22 upper to train with on their usual ccw platform (9mm or 45 with a 22 upper, practice and range time with cheap 22 while carrying the more powerful rounds) - and I'll admit I've thought about too, esp as I might have the chance to get a great deal on a 22 upper for my glock.

What do you think - personally, while I like shooting for cheap I also know that, in the same way that, just because you can drive a 30mph 50cc scooter does not mean you are able to control a 150mph+ 1,000cc+ motorcycle, being able to control and accurately shot a 22 does not mean you will be able to cycle through 9 or 45's as quickly or as accurately.

So training with 22's on your CCW platform - pro's, con's, opinions? I want em all :)

JonM 02-11-2011 07:51 PM

very very valuable. so long as you also take time now and then to fire some centerfire. the closer your conversion is to the real thing the better value the time spent. normally i start with a couple of mags worth of 45acp then shoot 22 then end with some 45acp. since my kimber kit went tits up i ordered a gsg1911-22.

Greebo 02-11-2011 08:00 PM

Cool, you'll have to let us know how the GSG 1911-22 handles, I've been seriously considering that one, I have their 522 MP5 clone and really enjoying it.

And your right, it's an upper for my glock 19 I'm looking into which will allow me to get 1 box of 9 and a couple of 22, get some serious range time in without breaking the bank.

JonM 02-12-2011 02:34 AM

i will soon as it shows up :/ been taking forever

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