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Rick1967 05-27-2013 12:03 AM

Took some new shooters out today.
I have talked about my friend that passed away before. But he left behind a wife and a teenage daughter as well as a handicapped son. The son can not shoot. Even though he is 15 years old, he is mentally 2. He still wears diapers.

The widow is a very good friend of my wife...maybe her best friend. I, my wife and my son, took her, her daughter and her son out to the range today. The boy sat in the car and napped in the air conditioning. They kept a close eye on him.

The mom has been thinking of getting a gun for home defense. I wanted to let her try out some of mine. They both shot my Mossy 500. But I don't really think a shotgun is the best thing for her. With a handicapped kid at home that can reach anywhere an adult can a shotgun that is ready for use is also ready to injure someone. I suggested a 357 with a 4 or 6 inch barrel.
I let them shoot my 38 J Frame, my 586, and my wifes 22 mag j-frame. I also brought my 7 1/2 inch Super Blackhawk in 44 mag just for fun. The mom needs a lot of practice and training. The was hitting 5 feet in front of the target when we started. But by the time we were done she was hitting on the paper at 15 yards or so. The daughter is a natural. She was able to hit the target with everything I handed her. She even shot my 44 with full powered 310 grain mag loads!

We had a great time. We shot the Mossy, my AR, a Ruger 22/45, 2 different J-Frames, the 586 and even a little NAA mini revolver in 22 mag. They want to go again. And we plan on taking them. We will even help her find a gun of her own.

Tackleberry1 05-27-2013 12:40 AM

Nice Rick... Be sure to take her shopping at an FFL that gives an NRA Membership with every New Gun purchase. ;)


Rick1967 05-27-2013 12:43 AM

Good idea Tack. I am not sure if any of the dealers here do that. I have purchased from just about everyone here. Nobody has offered that to me. But I am already a member.

Rick1967 08-18-2014 02:05 AM

Took a couple new shooters out again today. A single mom and her 18 year old son. I took them out with Tina (my wife) and I this afternoon. We had a great time. First we spent about 15 minutes in the living room talking about the 4 rules of gun safety. They have both taken an online hunter education class. But had not shooting experience at all. I started them out with my son's old single shot youth model 22lr. They each shot about 5 or 6 rounds out of it. I just wanted to make sure they were going to follow instruction before I put a semi auto in their hand. They both did very well. So we moved on to the Marlin Model 60 with a scope. We were only shooting at about 20 yards. I had set up a Zombie Elk target for them to shoot at. From 20 yards they would almost have to try to miss. It was a great confidence builder. Then we moved on to some bigger stuff. The 18 year old son is thinking about hunting and target practice. He is not really sure what he wants. So I showed him a bunch of different guns. I brought the two 22lr rifles. I also brought a 30-30 lever action, a Remington 770 in 30-06, and a Mosin Nagant that I have cut down to 20 inches and modified the stock. We shot all of them. I even remembered that I had a box of 38 special +p in the truck for my J-Frame. They even wanted to try that too. The mom was not about to let her son show her up. She shot everything he did. They are already talking about a trip to Cabelas to look at rifles.

I just love teaching new shooters. But I am not one of these jerks that will put a high powered rifle in the hands of someone that is not ready. I made sure they new what to expect. They had a blast.

Shoobee 08-18-2014 02:11 AM

If you do this a lot you should think about certifying as an NRA instructor.

Rick1967 08-18-2014 02:50 AM

I am currently an IDPA Safety Officer. I have also been asked to do the USPSA Safety Officer Certification. Don't really feel like taking a third thing on right now. I just like helping people get started.

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