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hydrashok 04-24-2008 04:35 PM

The Right Training at the Right Time is an article I wrote some time back, but never published until recently.

I think it should be mandatory reading for everyone involved in firearms/tactical training... students and instructors, alike.

As expensive as training has become, I believe it to be important to maximize every bit of training you receive... but that's all I'm going to say about it. You read the article and decide for yourself.

Michael P. 04-27-2008 04:03 AM

That is definitely a great article, it would benefit a new shooter. Some instructors practice your advice already but some do not. Even those of us who know better can't resist showing something cool to somebody who is not ready for it from time to time. Good advice.

hydrashok 04-28-2008 07:00 PM

Thanks for reading, and the reply.

...I was beginning to wonder if anybody was gonna read it. I was going to submit it to SWAT Magazine, but after discussing it with a friend of mine who routinely writes articles for them, he told me it probably wouldn't be accepted because it didn't come from one of the training industry "giants".

So, I posted it on Pro-Tac :)

Michael P. 04-29-2008 02:08 AM

Try anyways.

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