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Right handed Left Eye dominat?

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Are you a Nicholas Cage fan? Fire Birds - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia He had a similar issue in this movie.

Good luck & skip the panties trick.

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Eye dominence is only a concern when shotgun shooting.

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Originally Posted by Davyboy View Post
Eye dominence is only a concern when shotgun shooting.
Just what do you mean by that statement,Davyboy?

I'm Right handed/Left eye dominant,and have always shot rifles and shotguns left handed.It doesn't matter whether they are left or right handed guns,I shoot them all the same.
There are some Trap shotguns that the butt stocks are designed for left/right hand shooters,but most are universal.

The only trouble that I have is when shooting handguns,I catch myself holding the gun in my right hand,and looking at the sights with my left eye.I can't shoot for crap that way,and have to either shoot with my right eye or shoot left handed.
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I have always just shot with my left eye closed. Have to, as I just can't shoot for sh!t left handed. Is there any draw back to shoooting this way, other than my left eye lid being tired at the end of a long day of shooting?
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I just found out today that I was left eye dominant and I'm right handed. I shoot with both eyes open or I close my left. Tomorrow I'm going to the range and try to shoot with my left hand. I've always shot with both eyes open with the exception of scoped rifles.
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I shoot handguns strong and weak-handed, right eye dominant. Not that it's a concious thing when I'm firing.
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ok I can't help myself, left or right.... as long as the target is hit and you did it safley. I don't think it matters.
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Originally Posted by AusLach View Post
This isn't the study I'm referencing, but I can't find it at the moment so this'll have to do..

Although it probably won’t make much difference until you start using a rifle that really kicks, I would thoroughly recommend changing your grip to accommodate for your dominant eye. Apart from the fact that you could injure yourself by not holding the rifle properly, there has been research done that says a shooter is more accurate when using their dominant eye once that they are used to holding the firearm using the corresponding hand/shoulder.

Association between eye dominance and training for rifle marksmanship : a pilot study

The study that I'm thinking of gathered 120 experienced shooters who held the rifle to their right shoulder but were left eye dominant or vice versa. Half were given a week of professional training to hold the rifle properly and use their dominant eye while the other half still received professional training, but continued to hold the rifle as they had been. Guess who showed the most improvement??

I'm pretty sure the study said that a competent shooter would only need a couple of weeks to vastly improve on their previous performance once they changed grips, and for beginners only a few days.

Another thing, are you sure that your left eye is dominant? Just because you prefer to use your left eye does not make it dominant, maybe you're just not used to using your right! Find out how to find your dominant eye here


I'm left-handed, right eye dominant and this was the reason I chose to learn to shoot rifles right-handed from the very start. My right eye must be strongly dominant since its a real struggle to keep the left one open for any appreciable time...and it barely opens much at all. Plus all the club guns are right handed and during things like rapid snap shooting and 3-position competitions, it would be all too difficult to manipulate the bolt on the 'wrong' side.

Did feel quite strange, but I've come to get used to it. At least with a handgun this isn't a factor.
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Originally Posted by skullcrusher View Post
Yes, at WalMart, you can pick up a gun, ammo, ski mask and your antidepressants all in one trip. Darn convenient if you ask me...:D
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I don't see anyone mention the true benefit of shooting scoped rifles with the dominant eye?

I grew up hunting white tail in eastern washington state and can tell you that most of my kills were running game, through timber, at 75 to 125 yard. Using your dominant eye allow you to keep both eyes open widening your field of view. Your dominant eye will superimpose the cross hair over whatever your non dominant eye is seeing. In short, it allows you to track running game with both eyes open, greatly increasing your chances and accuracy.

If your going to hunt, I suggest learning to shoot lefty.

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Default Same problem

I have the same problem and am having alot of trouble with it. I started shooting bow first and learned I was left eye donimant so I started shooting with a left-hand bow. Then I started shooting handguns. I really don't want to shoot left-handed with guns because, to me, it just doesn't feel right. Someone suggested I turn my head instead of tilt it to use my left eye but that looks and feels awkward. I don't want to close one eye (right or left) becuase that narrows my field of vision. And every once in awhile, while I'm shooting my bow, things won't line up, like they are blurry. Is it possible to change eye dominance or something?

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