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SWBMOAMP2691 08-04-2012 10:06 AM

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Today, while at the range, I was trying out my shotgun with the new shorter barrel and pistol grip config. and do some plinking with some .22 revolvers and play with the AR a bit. Great day to say the least. Long story short, while I was on the line I felt a sting in my leg right about the area of my femoral artery (scary) and looked down in time to see the little .380 slug bounce off my jeans onto the concrete!?!?! It didn't hit hard enough to even bruise, but I'm convinced it was some kind of ricochet. The point is I want to know if anyone has ever had this happen before? Btw, I kept it, I'll put a picture on here if I can do it on my phone.

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c3shooter 08-04-2012 10:35 AM

THAT is why you wear eye protection on the line- and yes, it happens- even on well designed ranges. Was shooting on a military indoor 50 ft range- 22 Rimfire- spatter came back barely broke the skin, in the forehead. Walked next door to the dispensary to borrow some tweezers to get it out. Should have seen the panic when my partner said "man got hit in the head with a bullet" :D

The_Kid 08-04-2012 02:30 PM

I have been hit many times.

My most memorable was the first time. I was shooting a penny with my 22 pistol and the bullet bounced back and hit me in the chest. Like your episode it didn't hit with enough force to do any damage.

Here is the bullet and penny.

Steel_Talon 08-05-2012 08:00 PM

Search youtube for a fifty cal richochet... Guy shooting steel at 100 yards with his 50cal. gets more than he bargined for watch his hearing protection.

Found it... d=54DC7BC255D12905CC5854DC7BC255D12905CC58&first=0 &qpvt=Youtube+50caliber+ricochet

RemFire 08-05-2012 08:18 PM

Ricochets are a big deal in Britain as our countryside is pretty densely populated, while out shooting rabbits and what have you, even a little (in fact most of the time) .22LR needs great care as to where you fire it, as the bullets go straight though the rabbit, bounce off your backstop and continue on in almost any direction for who knows how far.

I know a guy that killed a farmers sheep by accident from a ricochet that he caused from shooting a rabbit in the next door field. Another guy fired into a rabbit, thought the rabbit into the soil hedgerow behind, I don’t know what it struck but it came back at him and through his 4x4's windshield. You here them all the time with a .22LR as practically every singe .22 rifle in Britain is suppressed ( very easy to get hold of ‘cans’ here) which makes it all to easy to pick out the ricochet sound whizzing off into the distance - its hair raising and you do your best to avoid it by passing up on dodgy shooting angles and backstop surfaces.

Proves the point thought that the danger does not end at your perceived backstop. Most people these days are going over to high velocity small ca. rimfires and away from the .22LR for such vermin control as the bullets are much more likely to breakup and die-out more or less where they hit.

Zombiegirl 08-06-2012 04:36 AM

We were at the range earlier this year and this group of older ladies had their target very close. I was turned sideways looking at my cousin's rifle with him and it felt like a snake bit my thigh. It was a stinger. They obviously hit the metal clamp that holds up the target and the ricochet hit me. Just glad it wasn't serious.

Kdub 08-07-2012 01:06 AM

While qualifying at work a few years ago the rangemaster was going on and on about developing good muscle memory cause its easy to punch paper but not so easy when bullets are flying at you. He no more said that then the next round of fire I had a fragment ricochet from my .40 and break the skin on my forehead. I just looked at him with blood running down my face and said, " I thought you said paper doesn't shoot back."

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