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G21.45 06-09-2008 10:31 PM

For those who'd like to have something to refer to -





matt g 06-09-2008 10:35 PM

Great info for newbie shooters, thanks for posting it.

RL357Mag 06-10-2008 01:16 AM

I'd like to see one posted depicting the sight picture of a target/sight with a military rifle having the protective sight "ears" on either side of the front post.
A friend of mine could have used a diagram like that about ten years ago...when in his haste and nervousness while on a boar hunt, he mistook the right sight ear for the front post and gave the hog a snout full of dirt! His son quickly dispatched the now pissed-off hog with one shot from a 12 ga. Marlin Slugmaster loaded with Remington Copper Solids. The gun my friend was using was a .303 Enfield and the sight ears were almost the same height as the post...

Dillinger 06-10-2008 03:08 AM

*Leaving his briefcase alone as that is OFF LIMITS*

Excellent post, not only for new shooters, but for people that have been shooting forever without official training. Really great idea G21. +1. Hell, +2 on that post!


G21.45 06-10-2008 04:07 AM

:) Thanks, everyone! I thought you guys would like to have access to those pictures. After all, people are always raising questions that pertain to these subjects; and, I've had them on my computer's hard drive (Where they only do me any good.) for years.

PS: Did you notice how beautifully, 'fuzzy' that humanoid target is! Front sight clear .... target slightly out of focus! ;)

ranger_sxt 06-10-2008 06:15 AM

You should really watch James Yeager's Shooting Missology.

ScottG 06-10-2008 02:28 PM

I'm always all over the target. I guess that means I just can't shoot straight....

G21.45 06-10-2008 07:13 PM


Originally Posted by ScottG (Post 27397)
I'm always all over the target. I guess that means I just can't shoot straight....

:) No, Scott, that's not what it means. First, you need to learn how to improve your grip, and discover how to control the pistol's backstrap better, BEFORE you begin to concentrate on watching that front sight.

(Trust me! I've been doing this for a long time.) ;)

ravenwolf 06-11-2008 03:31 AM

That a poster board can be a life or wife saver!!!! A few months ago i went to my local range went to my lane like i always do and for some reason i stoped and looked at a new poster stuck up by the range rules,made some adjustments and even i was shooting tighter groups. So a few weeks pass and i take my wife to the range to try her new compact 45 after years of carrying a revolver i knew it would be a change up for her. so after a few (failed) attemps to guide her ( im convinced that theres a grizzly in every woman somewhere lol) a light bulb went off and i remembered the poster so i pulled the poster off the wall stuck it in her lane and went back to my lane,didnt even say a word to her, about half hour later she shows up with 4 neat grouped targets and a smile. so i got to eat supper after all great post and im making a copy********for myse i mean my wife

tbill 08-13-2008 08:59 PM

Thank You
I have been struggling with my 25 yard shooting and I'm taking this to the range tomorrow and maybe I can get it through my thick skull where I've got the disconnect between what I know and what I'm doing.

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