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Non Lethal Home Defense

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"Anyone who knowingly breaks into an occupied home has surrendered their right to continue breathing." Quote from my late father, a retired LA Co. Sherriff's Deputy.
If the situation demands the use of a firearm, it's a deadly force issue. Less than lethal in a home defense situation, is a discussion topic for Liberal Think Tanks.
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The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see. - Ayn Rand
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but than again in the land where most people speak your language, proper escalation of force is probably better...

shout, show, shove, shoot to kill
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Default Non Lethal Home Defense

Humm lets see..... That would be my dog, Duke. And he would be non lethal because he is a short dog and can only bite and rip and eat as high as the knee. Few felons die from dog bites of the lower leg.
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Default My opinion differs greatly

I disagree with your assertion that the "bad guys" as you put it have forfeited their lives out of hand simply entering your home to steal. The firearm is indeed a weapon designed for the ultimate conclusion to a conflict of circumstance. However how many of you have actually double tapped a grouping into another mans chest outside of war I do mean, believe me completely when I say to kill during armed conflict is much different then drawing your sidearm downtown on a Saturday and firing a couple of rounds off 3 feet away (obviously there is no missing center of mass that close) you see the point isn't feelings of guilt or legal repercussions the shooting was self defense... the point is if would have drawn my weapon and shouted something like "DROP THAT WEAPON, GET ON THE GROUND" he may have complied thereby relieving the need of lethal force.. Its not just him you hurt people do love that "bad guy" but more importantly you may in your haste to kill shoot a future minister who works 10 hours on Saturday feeding homeless (my Uncle who is also ex bad guy) No I say for home defense definitely go with a 45 and you may want Subsonic rouns ( DO NOT BOTHER WITH LESS THAN LETHAL AMMO) find a green laser sight for your weapon ( Green is )warning) keep your weapon secure, close and in good repair loaded... Should some one enter.. light em up with th green laser optics(its very bright no need for flashlight) light up intruder with laseroptics shout DO NOT MOVE, AND GET ON THE GROUND NOW! very loud commanding and firm... if he does not comply moves towards you, reaches into pocket then Double tap to the center of chest. Race over put knee into neck and clear pockets... If he tries to run however.. I say let him go.. its just stuff and replaceable. No need to kill or chase why put yourself at more risk. As for your child's room ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be mindful of field of fire and always check your corners. Lol and forget non lethal completely you run the risk of not subduing enemy and dying for your efforts.. always shoot to kill, its not a game but never murder or go trigger happy(I.e. your kid and others will thank you) once again use 45 think about buying subsonic rounds.. there intent is for use with noise suppressor so they are slow moving and the 45 is already a lumbering round.. you have less chance for collataral damage
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Oh Mr Salary we seem to be on the same page it seems many civilians look at the use of lethal force so cavalierly.. Yes shoot to kill, but only use enough force to control situation.. Shoot as last resort...unless its some jawa who is friends with those guys that cut our heads off with knives on TV no less... Acquire target, squeeze finger and repeat if eyes on additional insurgents
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If someone breaks into my house, with me home, I want to do the Christian thing and send him to Jesus in the express lane. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.00. I don't want a pissed-off, injured, junkie negotiating with me for my life, or the lives of the rest of my family and dog.

But, thats just me.
"It is not so much staying alive, it is staying human that is important."

George Orwell
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And when I'm shouting for him to stop and get on the ground he may already be squeezing his trigger. If you have to shoot, shoot don't talk. Frankly my loved ones are far more important to me than his loved ones. Feeling sorry for the bad guy is the quickest way for you to get dead. If I have to kill the scuzball I'll learn to live with it a lot quicker than if I hesitated and he kills my wife.
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Originally Posted by Lexluther View Post
I disagree with your assertion that the "bad guys" as you put it have forfeited their lives out of hand simply entering your home to steal.
just one point i would like to understand. just exactly HOW do you know at the time that the goblin just wants to steal something?? i know i dont have psychic powers in that regard. if someone breaks into my home that person is getting met with every ounce of firepower i can muster in the defense of myself and my wife.

i operate under the assumption that any individual breaking into my home has the full intent to murder myself rape my wife then murder her. it happens all the time. im not paid by the government to be a police officer.

if an action warrants you to use less than lethal then it warrants lethal action. there is no such thing as a less than lethal device. people have died from being tasered and pepper sprayed. self defense for civilians is very different than for police trying to arrest people.
"Gun control: The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her panty hose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound." L. Neil Smith

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Valid points....If someone breaks into your home, non-lethal tools are out the window. I agree that a handgun gives you the tactical advantage. Try clearing out a house with a shotgun, speed, surprise, and violence of action are out the window! If you are pondering on a few different weapons, check out my webpage at CHL San Antonio | Concealed Handgun Classes | CHL Texas Certification for some pointers.

CHL San Antonio
CHL San Antonio | Concealed Handgun Classes | CHL Texas Certification
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Default Non Lethal My Ass!!

Happy New Year All:

If some Scumbag enters my home, I want the response to be as lethal as possible to them.

Break in,,,Get carried out!!! DOL!! Dead on Leaving!

Regards: Lastcast,,,,Ranger Recon, Class of 67.
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