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Non Lethal Home Defense

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Originally Posted by SGT-MILLER View Post
My personal definition of less than lethal is a misplaced round that did not hit center of mass for some reason.......

I would advise that if you really wanted to stick with less than lethal defensive tools, The tried and true heavy shot of pepper spray / CS spray would be somewhat effective. You would need something that could produce a solid stream of the nasty stuff (10 second stream at a minimum) for the purpose of follow on sprays.

My bottom line is I would never recommend less-than-lethal tools as primary home defense.
Dammit SGT, you did not pay attention to my previous post. Pepper spray, C/S spray, stream or not, a no-no in a confined space. Go do some PT!


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This might of already been mentioned but I didn't see it posted in my quick skimming of the thread.

Disclaimer: I don't like the idea of using less lethal rounds. It seems to much like Airsoft.

That being said, I can see a on reason why it'd be good choice legally speaking. The use of a less lethal round in home defense will show that you gave the said criminal every possible chance to surrender before you had to use lethal force against him if it ever goes to either a civil or criminal trial.

That being said, I'll go for either my AR-15 or my XD 40 before I go with my shotgun for home defense.
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i was looking at those specialty shotgun shells and more than a few dont look very good for your shotgun bore....i mean cmon... CAYENNE PEPPER SHOT!
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Originally Posted by Leavingplatoscomphycave View Post
i was looking at those specialty shotgun shells and more than a few dont look very good for your shotgun bore....i mean cmon... CAYENNE PEPPER SHOT!
it dont matter cuz after the incident the police will confiscate your firearm and the pepper spray will be the least of your worries
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I prefer a pistle beacause I have to sholder my my shotgun or get the recoil I have a 9mm I think I could shoot it quickly one handed so easer and faster and safer for me to use
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We prefer that newbis don't drag up long dead threads. That is just because the ban hamster doesn't handle shoulder the recoil of the hammer as well as an ox.
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You can always keep one of these next to the bed, one next to your favorite chair, and one next to the commode.
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No one who is a decent person morally wants to kill anyone, but if someone is in your house late at night threatening you and your family's lives you really don't have much of an option ! If they have a weapon in their hands that makes it even worse ! No warning shot either because if they have a gun your going to get shot if you do not act quick and shoot first. All a warning shot is going to do is announce that you have a gun, then the criminal will draw and shoot you right after. The element of surprise must always be in your favor in this situation. I know all the libby tree huggers think we're all violent, mean, nut jobs, but if the shoe was on the other foot and they just happened to find a gun in their house, guaranteed they would use it to save their own and their family's lives !

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oh how my battalion gunner chided me for suggesting nonlethal rounds.

2 iraq deployments later, i HATE the idea of killing another living person, but if they are a threat to my families life, they will be ended

personally keep the first round in my XD45's mag some snake shot, hurts like hell and theyll know your serious.

rest are delicious RBCD's... 95 grain slugs that leave a 9-14 inch wound cavity (in clay anyway)
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To each his own, but I would strongly suggest you NOT shoot someone with "snake shot" unless it is a contact would to the base of the skull. a firearm is a DEADLY WEAPON. Using it in a non deadly manner WILL be brought up in court and you will likely regret the decision.
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