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Learning from the CO tragedy.

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I suppose any press is good press.
"Sometimes I pretend to be normal, but it's boring and I go back to being me."
"You might as well be yourself, people won’t like you anyway."
"Tres verbo dictom"
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To the original question...We can opine all we want about what we would have done if placed in that situation but most of us (sans combat vets and LEOS) simply don't know for sure how we would react. I'd like to think I'd return fire as a reflex but since I've never been in a situation like that [knocks on wood], I can't speculate with any certainty...Knowing myself, and if I HAD to guess, I like to think my 'fight' would supercede my 'flight' instinct.

That being said, here's the lesson to be learned...

1-GFZ's simply don't work. The law abiding are put at an undeniable disadvantage...FACT

2-(This is PURELY SPECULATION)...I think maybe some of the LAC's who did disarm (if any) before entering the theater had a better understanding of the minor consequences of violating the GFZ law, (yes, minor as compared to being shot...) they may have disregarded it and carried inside...This I can honestly say that if it were me, I KNOW I would NOT have disarmed...concealed is concealed...

3-Had previous 'mass shooters' been prosecuted post haste and cast down with the sodomites, maybe...just maybe future shooters would have taken that into consideration beforehand.
- 3a-Is there ANY doubt as to his guilt??? I understand due process but calling him the 'suspect or 'alleged shooter' is bogus...
- 3b-How is it so seemingly easy to be declared 'incompetent to stand trial'??? How are his disgustingly evil actions any different than the pedophile, rapist or any other murderer??? Is he "sicker" than those aforementioned hence he deserves leniency??? I'm not buying it, they're ALL mentally defective and knew EXACTLY what they were doing...He sees the 'price' the other shooters are having to pay...a nice 'mental facilty', psychotropic drugs, therapy, hot meals, warm bed, private showers and thinks to himself..."Well that's not too bad of a punishment..." All on the taxpayers dime no less... Had previous shooters been placed in general population and been ripped limb from limb like the Milwaukee cannibal (I refuse to glorify these people by using their names...y'all know who I mean...) he MIGHT have thought twice.
- 3c-He sees the likes of Reagan's shooter walking among us just 30 years later and KNOWS he still has a chance to see freedom...

4-That 'banning' inanimate objects, mags, ammo etc. from public use DOES NOTHING to curb crime. He bought 6000 rounds online...SO EFFING WHAT!!! So have I over the years, as well as many of you here, does that make us 'mass murderers in waiting'??? How exactly did the other 5500 rounds in his apt have ANYTHING to do with what happened??? I get mentally exhausted trying to understand the 'reasoning' behind such a thought process.

FACT-The system is broken, maybe beyond repair. Things like this will continue to happen no matter how many laws are passed in the name of "public saftey" or "crime prevention" There will always be evil in the world but if future "scumbags in waiting" saw a harsh and swift punishment handed down, followed by years of 'being Bubba's bitch', maybe, just maybe, one of them will think twice...

***rant over***

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Yep. If there had been 200 armed people in that theater, and half of them had returned fire they would have had to scrape his remains up from the floor to cart him out.
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Originally Posted by vincent View Post
Concealed is concealed, nobody will be any the wiser until (God help us) you have to use it...and if you do, do you really think you'll be reprimanded for it? (assuming tragedy was averted)
I tend to agree with this. I'm not worried about walking in the theatre with a CCW, who will know?

This guy got in with rifles and body armor??? How did that happen?


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&@!$ it... Id rather die with a gun on me because I was too afraid to use it, than die without one, wishing I'd had it.
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience , kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Galatians 5:22-23

Pray for the hundreds of thousands of innocent people being killed by Islam across the world.
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Default nice

nice nice nice
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Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
Heres a discussion that I had the other day. Its been posted on Facebook.

I wish that everyone that could, if in the same situation, would man up and kill the offender and do it with a passion, a purpose, that would make every single person that ever thought about it at least give pause. I wish that as Americans, we would all possess a warrior mentality where you knew you were dead before you intervened so that you could fight an attacker like you were demon possessed; that if all you had for a weapon was a straw in a cup full of coke, you would grab that straw with your thumb over the end of it and try to screw it through the offenders eye ball.

I'm tired of this wussy thought process of laying down and hoping that you won't get hurt, and that maybe the attacker won't see you.

It is not the way I was raised, it is not the way I was trained, and it is not me.

And then the manager came out with my chicken and cheese sandwich...
Amen Brother
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