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canebrake 04-13-2010 12:27 AM

Inert Training Aids
INERT PRODUCTS, LLC., Inert Explosive Training Products - IED Training Aids / Devices, Simulated Improvised Explosive Devices, IED-Defeat Training Kits, Simulated Bomb Kits, VBIEDs, WMDs. & Suicide Attack Devices, Awareness, CT Training Items

Interesting website!

Lots of info for us naive to this junk!

c3shooter 04-13-2010 01:20 AM

Not bad, but JE-SUS are they pricy!!!! MY inert detonator training board has a dozen diiferent inert blasting caps, and it only set me back about $50. Of course, you understand why my training aids don't fly WITH me......:eek:

The price on the RPG 7 is obscene.

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