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Home Storage - loaded or no?

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Swipes, here in Wisconsin we do not have the Castle Doctrine as of yet. This being said there is no sweeping your casa for intruders. You secure your family, dial 911, and hold your position behind a closed door. If the intruder tries to enter your position, you announce that you have a firearm and only then if they enter are you allowed to use deadly force.

Sweeping you home for an intruder is seen as putting oneself into danger and is publishable as a crime and you are also subject to a lawsuit.

Always check your local and state laws before taking matters of such a deadly nature into your own hands.
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@JTJ: Thanks for sharing. Great idea on the question codes. We live in a two-story, all exits downstairs, all bedrooms upstairs. We are alarmed as well but I guess I don't trust it 100 percent. If we heard something, or the alarm was triggered, I'd have to grab my phone, weapon then cover the stairs in case someone was coming up. I HATE thinking about the "ifs" but that's why I like hearing other people's stories to see what you all have done.

Thanks again for sharing.
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Originally Posted by swipes22 View Post
I know that the b&w safety "rule" on home gun storage is to store the gun and ammo in separate places. In general, I can see how that makes sense.

I just received a gun as a gift -- a S&W .4506 -- and have taken up shooting as a hobby. I'm still very green, obviously. But I have also wanted a gun for a while for home defense. It seems to me that if you have an intruder in your home, having the ammo and gun in different spots is just pointless.

So I am wondering how others who own a gun safe -- I have a simple GVB-1000 -- handle this for home defense? Do you keep a full clip in your safe with the gun for a quick load? Do you keep the gun loaded in the safe? Or do you really keep it separate from the ammo?

Advice? Suggestions?

(I am married with two small daughters, FYI...)
In my opinion if you have a gun for home defense it needs to be accessible and ready just in case that moment ever comes. In my case I used a G17 w/night sites. It is stored in a FAS1 SAFE, LLC that is bolted to my bed frame. Your Gunvault is a good idea with your daughters. This one is just a different design and is much stronger (3/16" steel). It holsters the gun so the trigger is covered. My concern is more with thieves not kids since mine are grown. I leave the door open at night and my gun is right there next to my pillow but also relatively safe from an accidental discharge. I keep it chambered since I know I won't fumble around trying to grab it like you would if it was just sitting on the night stand or in a drawer. My other guns that are stored in a safe are usually unloaded except for CCW handguns and my HD shotgun. Some ammo is in that safe but bulk ammo is in separate ammo cans.

Home Storage - loaded or no? - Training & Safety
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Default Loaded or locked up

I am retired, and there are no children in my house. The S&W .38 is loaded, and under a pillow when I am in bed. otherwise, the Bersa .380, Ruger 9mm, or M1911A1 .45 is in a holster on my hip. If the grandkids come around (they are all over 900 miles north of me), the pistols go into the safe unless I am carrying them. Just use good judgement, and remember that children are usually fascinated with firearms, and safety training is a must! SSG Tipton, U.S. Army, Military Police, (Retired).
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Default What you are comfortable with?

The answer to the question is what are you comfortable with? Opinions are just that.

As for me, we do not have small children in the home or visiting with any frequency. I have a safe and that is where most of my guns live, but I am well aware that if you ever need a gun chances are you are going to need it in a hurry. You are not going to know where you will need it, the bedroom, front door, back door, kitchen, bathroom, etc. If three guys kick in a door where will you be? Home invasions happen in the big city on a regular basis and are getting to be a serious problem and why not? The bad guys usually have all the time they want, get away with a lot of loot and seldom get caught, especially if they leave no witnesses. For that reason I not only keep a a gun loaded with one in the chamber, I have guns in several places in the house. This was not an original idea, cops have done this for years because they see on a daily basis what happens and know that you may only have seconds to act. If you are proficient you should have no fear of your firearms, if you are not proficient you should get that way or forget the gun and hope nothing ever happens.
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Default safe storage

wow i didnt know there were so many guns lsot in boating accidents thought mine was a one time thing. but at any rate i have what i could retrive from the bottom of the lake loaded an ready to go and one under my head as i feel a home defense weapon should be just that. if it is uloaded and not within reach you may as well just give your soul to god bend over stick your head between your legs and kiss your butt goodbye once an intruder has made it in your home.
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So why don't you think about leaving one in the bathroom ? If someone BURSTS into your home, you can always feign - scared me so much that I "GOTTA CRAP" and then make a grab for it and come up shooting....

Originally Posted by gorknoids View Post
My big fear being a home invasion, about the only time I don't have a loaded handgun on me is when I'm in the shower or sleeping.
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