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SGT-MILLER 08-29-2009 01:57 AM

Forum challenge!!!!
I have been challenged!!!!

Rentacop has challenged me to a shoot-off (not at each!

First off, I gladly accept this challenge!

Second off, here are the terms (with a tie breaker addition of mine):

- Target is at 50 yards distance.

- Ten rounds are allowed for warm up. Ten rounds fired for score.

- Ten rounds will be fired at the target for score, off-hand with a 2 minute maximum time. Target will be a birchwood casey 8" bullseye. Only hits on the bullseye will count. Hits will count as 1 point each, with a maximum point total of 10 points. If both members are tied, then a tie-breaker will be issued. The tie breaker will be as follows: 1) The target will be an 8" birchwood casey bullseye. 2) The target will be 100 yards away. 3) Shooting will be conducted off hand, and the shooter will have 10 rounds to get on-target, then 10 rounds for score. Only rounds within the 8" bullseye counts for 1 point each.

I will be using a video camera to record my end of the challenge. This will ensure that my end will be kept honest (i.e. no claims of me shooting a target at 7 yards, taking a picture, then saying it was 50 yards, etc...). I strongly urge Rentacop to do the same, but if he is unable, he may use regular pictures.

Rentacop will be using his Kimber Custom 1911. I have not yet decided if I am to use my Kimber. I may use my Hi-Point C9 just to be funny about it. :D

I encourage any other members interested in the challenge to join in. Let's see who is a good shooter, and can back up their words with action.

BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


user4 08-29-2009 02:20 AM

50 yards with a hand gun is just silly. To back this statement up I propose what's called an "if" bet. First, I bet you $10 that you will not hit said 8 inch target at 50 yards with all 10 rounds fired. If I win that bet, we can go to the 2nd part of the bet which is you will not have hit the bullseye with any of the above 10 rounds, for an additional $10

So if you can win only one part of this wager, it's a push. Will you accept?

Of course, video documentation is required. We get to watch you put the target up, march 50 yards to your firing station, and watch as you astound us with your mad skillz.

dunerunner 08-29-2009 02:25 AM

Ineff, I agree! At 30yds, maybe; but 50 is a definate challange!! Especially with a .45!!

SGT-MILLER 08-29-2009 02:30 AM

50 yards isn't that far at all for a handgun. You just gotta shoot slow and pay attention to the fundamentals.

I don't know if Rentacop has a video camera, but I will video everything without any breaks so everything will be authentic.

Here's a couple of youtube videos showing pistols used at long ranges:

If you can do it with a Glock, you can do it with almost

dunerunner 08-29-2009 02:33 AM

I know Miller, I've just never tried to hit a target further than my range limit of 30yds. Now the Rifle range goes from 25 to 50, then 100 yards.

SGT-MILLER 08-29-2009 02:33 AM

I will state for the record that Rentacop came up with the initial terms, so he must be a worthy shooter and opponent (or he's just full of it :D). The only thing I added was the tiebreaker.

We'll see soon. I'm hoping I can get to the range this weekend. I REALLY want to get there now to complete my end of the deal.

user4 08-29-2009 02:34 AM

I'm not saying it's impossible, just saying it isn't practical. When I was a deputy, it was not uncommon for a round to miss a silhouette at 35 yards (sure 6 rounds were fired from their off hand) but still. Many of those "hits" were arms and shoulders, and certainly not bullseyes.

SGT-MILLER 08-29-2009 02:35 AM looks like I have only 8 inches to work with, so we'll see what

user4 08-29-2009 02:40 AM


Originally Posted by SGT-MILLER (Post 152556) looks like I have only 8 inches to work with, so we'll see what

Wait...what are we talking about, again?

Rentacop 08-29-2009 04:01 AM

As I indicated privately, this contest would be easy to cheat on and a video won't eliminate that possibility. I don't have a video camera and if I'm able to borrow one, I may use it. At any rate, I trust SGT Miller and he apparently trusts me to abide by the rules.
Now, can someone tell me how to post a pic on this forum ?

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