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Izenrok 11-22-2011 01:42 AM

First official training
Hello all,

I wanted to share with you that I completed my first official firearms training this past Saturday with Valley Defense Consulting out of Oakdale, CA. It was a CCW class, 7 hours long, with the first 3 in the classroom and the whole afternoon I'm the range. Vince and Christie were great instructors with real life experience in LE as well as thought provoking stories and dialogue. I learned quite a bit such as drawing from a holster, firefighter reloading, clearing jams/failures, among other things.

The picture is the below is of my 2 targets for the day. The white one is from the first part of the range time which was instructional drills portion with students primarily shooting at their target but also doing multiple target drills so some of those holes aren't mine. The brown one was the final test drill of 24 rounds shot from 3ft-30ft using the number 2 position up close to a normal non-Weaver stance the rest of the time. I feel pretty good with my performance on the brown target. We had a bonus competition with pitting 2 students against each other with 3 steel targets each (2 big, 1 small) at 45 ft away and a mandatory reload after the 2 big targets before engaging the little one. I was in the first pairing against a cocky student who had voiced several times during the day the Magpul and various other courses he had completed. It was very satisfying to beat him even with leaving the 1911's safety on after the reload by a 1.5 targets (his 2nd was falling when I put down my little guy).

I rented a Citadel 1911.

I look forward to more courses next year.

Thanks for reading.

Izenrok 11-22-2011 01:44 AM

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Here is the picture.

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danf_fl 11-22-2011 02:17 AM

Congratulations. Take a look at some of the competitions in your area to see if any are to your liking.

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