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How much does the average gun safe weigh? I'm only asking because I found the safe from a gas station in the woods a couple of years ago, and tend to think of gun safes as pre-packaged loot.
Yeah, I only own 3 guns, so have at me!
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I wish I had three

The only one I own right now is a Hi-Point C9 (go ahead..make jokes because I don't

Soon though, I'll increase the number to at least 4 guns total (I hope).
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Originally Posted by gorknoids View Post
How much does the average gun safe weigh? I'm only asking because I found the safe from a gas station in the woods a couple of years ago, and tend to think of gun safes as pre-packaged loot.
Yeah, I only own 3 guns, so have at me!
depends. my fort knox is pretty hefty... maybe 500-600lbs? Ive never had to move it but once and it took a big heavy dolly truck and 5 guys. ive heard of safes such as the Safari 30 gun safe weighing in at 1100 lbs!
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Well.... in revolvers I have 11. Auto-loaders including my newest P345 purchase brings it to 9, and 3 long-guns. That's 23 guns in 7 calibers.

Yep that's what I counted. I have a 17 cubic foot gun safe (about the size of a refridgerator) but it mostly has important papers in it as well as my "hunting" guns. The others are scattered throughout my home & vehicles in strategic locations not visible to the casual looker. I have a gun shop in the house where I re-load and store all my ordenance, which is approximately 14,000 rounds total. I re-load 4 of seven calibers.

I keep one auto-loader in my pocket since I have my CHL (Concealed Handgun License), One in each vehicle w/2 backup mags. and 5 well placed revolvers in the house. My wife keeps one auto-loader in her purse.

JUST SO YOU WILL KNOW, the "national Average" of guns is 6.7 guns PER every man,woman, and child in the USA.

Y'all need to get with the program! And get some more guns...
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I grew up knowing where all the guns were but I knew not to mess with them and none of them were locked up. I currently don't have kids but my wife knows where they all are and she knows their condition. All of mine are tucked away but not locked up. I do want to get a gun safe but right now it's just not in the cards. When we can afford it I'll get one. My wife supports the idea and likes the fire protection it offers for other items as well.
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A small gun safe is useless if you don't bolt it down, I plan on getting one when I can afford it and bolting it to the wall as well as the floor in at least 6 places. I can't afford anything that's so big it can't be carried out, my boss has one that had to be installed (bolted to concrete slab) before the house could be built around it. It was a Fort Knox brand and weighed over 3000 lbs empty. I plan on getting one that is about a 24 gun.
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Gentlemen :
It is doubtful that a mass killer will stopped if he's unable to steal your gun . Gun control doesn't work .
That said, guns are rarely covered by insurance and handuns are routinely stolen any time a burglar finds one .
If you can't afford a safe, such as a Fort Knox from the A.G. English company, you can lock your handguns inside a file cabinet with a padlock and bar added . Thieves will not waste time cracking it because they won't know what is inside. Weigh it down with lots of ammo and reloading supplies or some bricks . Mechanic's tool cabinets work just as well . Long guns can be placed in a junked freezer or refrigerator, but drill ventilation holes and put a chain around it with a padlock . You can use a pair of eye bolts an a padlock on the door to your storage room too. That is "security in depth" or " Layered Security " or " The Onion System ", if you prefer .
Massad Ayoob stores his handguns in a safe deposit box at a bank .
You can run a cable through all of your long gun trigger guards and lock them together if they are out in plain sight .
Look into a good deadbolt lock for your bedroom door and exterior doors . An alarm system is costly but effective too .
If you buy a safe, you can set it in a closet or storage room so no one knows you have it . Used safes can be cheap as people hate to have to move them when they relocate . Change the combiation after you buy one .
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