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MikeJK 05-26-2012 02:39 AM

Fighting From A Vehicle
This was only my 2nd class w/ this instructor so I left the Contour Roam at home. After seeing a couple guys pull out their phones I decided to do the same. Here are a couple clips taken from the limited amount of footage taken w/ my phone. The quality is fairly good for a mobile phone.

The class was a 4 hour intro fighting from a vehicle given by a local trainer. There were more technical things being taught but that stuff usually didn't leave space/time for capturing footage.

I need work w/ handguns but am improving and have plans to take many more handgun classes to supplement the carbine courses. I really hate taking these classes but my arm had been twisted ;).

The other shooter in the Multi-Cam and shorts was a fellow 11B who drove down from Riley.

Oh yeah, keep your mouth closed when shooting through glass lol.


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