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Eye Dominance

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The idea was to try to strengthen the "other" eye and practice, practice, practice. This is about rifle shooting with open sights, so if the right eye won't come up, the both eyes open will not help much shooting righty.

As a left handed person, I say that the advantage is to the leftys in a right handed world. We are forced to use our right hand more than rightys are forced to use their left. I shoot all rifles right handed and have zero issues working the bolt with my right hand. But, as I stated before, my right eye is majorly dominant. They are not even close, so my situation demanded that I shoot rifles with my weak hand.
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Originally Posted by montveil View Post
As stated above, I have no real problems shooting lefty and I have not found it difficult. I have no wish to change from my normal inclination as it feels very normal. If the difficulties mentioned above are a concern for you then by all means try to go righty.
If you can readily change to your right eye so much the better but I will even go further and say that the BEST solution would be to shoot with both eyes open. Many right hand shooters suggest lefties change but I find it very difficult. I might suggest a right hander try to switch to left for the experience
Thats the goal. I can shoot left eyed with both eyes open. I have to have my left eye halfway shut to focus right eyed. I am going to try shooting left handed too. Trigger pull is my main concern. Ive never tried it.
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I too am a right-handed shooter, and I am naturally left-eye dominant. In the past, I found that I was always more accurate with my left eye when placing my shots on small or long-range targets, (with a pistol,) but that my right eye was more effective for rapid fire and reflex shooting. (Again, with a pistol.)

Rapid fire and reflex shooting practice (using my right eye) has led me to, over the years, gravitate more naturally to using my right eye for all types of shooting. I still use my left (dominant, and better) eye if I want to make a "show-off" shot, but otherwise, I now embrace my right eye as the natural choice of a right-handed shooter.
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Default Firing using an aperture on your glasses

Originally Posted by Pjj342 View Post
I am a right handed shooter with a dominant left eye. When I was young I used my right eye because I was only shooting long guns and thats how I was taught. I probably havent shot more that a couple times between 2000 and 2008. A couple years ago I bought a ruger p95 9mm and started to use my dominant left eye. It was much easier to keep both eyes open when I used my left eye while shooting right handed, although my grip cocked a bit to the right. Now, with my saiga rifle on the way I need to get used to using my right eye again and for good. For now when I look down my sights I have to keep my left eye closed to get the sight picture right, but even with one eye closed, target shooting, I am more accurate.
Any advice? Are there shooting drills to get my brain used to this? And what could I do at home to improve things? I have 25-30 vision, 25 left and 30 right. I know glasses or contacts would help but I dont want to rely on them.
I am kinda in the same ballpark as you. My right eye cannot focus in on the front sight but my left eye is razor sharp. I fire right handed using my left eye with pistols and an aperture with a suction cup on my shooting glasses (non prescription) for rifles. It works beautifully. go to this forum to learn more. TargetTalk :: View topic - Merit aperture
good luck
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Similar situation for me. I am right eye dominant but a lefty. I had been shooting left hand for 23 years until last October. All of my rifles were single shot, lever action or auto due to me being a lefty. I decided I was going to start shooting right handed along with my dominant eye after talking to several experienced shooters and an instructor telling me I would shoot better right handed. I bought a Winchester M70 in .308 (RH) and signed up for a Practical Rifle Class (3 day course with a bolt action rifle, learning everything from tactical fighting at 25 feet on up to prone shooting out to 200 yards with all the field positions thrown in). It was an unbelievable course. We shot just short of 500 rounds in those 3 days. After day 1, I was completely adjusted to being a righty. I now shoot better and feel more comfortable shooting. I'll probably be trading some of my other guns for RH bolt actions in the future.

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I am a right handed shooter with a strong left eye dominance. When I took my CCW class, the instructor had me shoot left handed. My first three shots were through the same hole with five in an inch. I was shooting a XDm .40 at 15 feet. It was an easier conversion than I thought it would be. You might try it and see what happens.
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