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Pjj342 03-01-2011 05:14 PM

Eye Dominance
I am a right handed shooter with a dominant left eye. When I was young I used my right eye because I was only shooting long guns and thats how I was taught. I probably havent shot more that a couple times between 2000 and 2008. A couple years ago I bought a ruger p95 9mm and started to use my dominant left eye. It was much easier to keep both eyes open when I used my left eye while shooting right handed, although my grip cocked a bit to the right. Now, with my saiga rifle on the way I need to get used to using my right eye again and for good. For now when I look down my sights I have to keep my left eye closed to get the sight picture right, but even with one eye closed, target shooting, I am more accurate.
Any advice? Are there shooting drills to get my brain used to this? And what could I do at home to improve things? I have 25-30 vision, 25 left and 30 right. I know glasses or contacts would help but I dont want to rely on them.

Sniper03 03-01-2011 05:47 PM


When eyes get bad I have one suggestion as I have did!
Get an EOTech Model 512!!!!!!

Pjj342 03-02-2011 03:08 AM

Maybe some day
I cant rightously tell my wife that I paid more for my optic than I did for my gun. Thanks though

skullcrusher 03-02-2011 03:39 AM

Pj, why not shoot your right handed rifle left handed? Practice, practice, practice. I know plenty of lefty shooters who shoot right handed rifles left handed, and they have gotten used to it.

The difference in vision does not seem to be that far off. You could possibly strengthen your right eye by closing your left eye when reading or on the computer for a few minutes at a time. Or, go out and buy a cheap pair of glasses with just glass in them. Get some clear nail polish and coat the left lens. Wear them around the house, when doing yard work or just sitting on the porch drinking a beverage and watching nature. Just some little tricks.

I am left handed and majorly right eye dominant. 20/10 (maybe 20/15) now in my right eye and probably legally blind in my left. Genetics (thanks, Mom) is the major player in my issue. I shoot most handguns with my left hand but use my right eye. I have always shot long guns right handed and I learned to do it just fine despite being left handed. I am not anywhere near ambidextrous, except I can golf just as badly righty or lefty.

The main thing is no matter how you decide to do it, practice and practice some more. Soon enough, it will become second nature. Just my cent and a half.

Pjj342 03-02-2011 04:01 AM

Practice indeed
Skullcrusher,, I was only thinking regarding shooting. Im typing this with my right eye open and Ill really have to work at this. Ive just kept my left eye closed for the time ive been writing this post and really realize how murh my left one has taken over. this will help

skullcrusher 03-02-2011 04:15 AM

Well, making your right eye stronger will help you shooting right handed with the rifles. Otherwise, you need to shoot lefty with a right hand rifle which is no biggie unless the stock has the raised cheek for a righty. Straight stock, and the gun is virtually lefty or righty. The action is secondary and will become primary with practice. Glad I could help in even the smallest way. :)

Pjj342 03-02-2011 12:42 PM

I will try to shoot lefty and see which way will work better. My right has always been my power hand so it stays back with my left in the front. It has been that way all my life. I take solice in the fact I shot right eyed before I got into hand guns, I think it may be easier to fix than than my whole shooting stance. practice practice

montveil 03-02-2011 02:20 PM

I am left eye dominant and shoot a rifle left handed..
The only difficulty I have had is shooting a bolt action WITH A SCOPE, as if is not possible to reach over the scope. Without the scope it is no problem.
In the Service I fired the M1 left handed.
There are left handed bolts out there.
As far as others look for a tang safety.
I put a left handed safety in my 10-22
Why fight shooting left handed, you hold the rifle in your most educated and stronger hand--right.
I fire my 1911 right handed, left eye and have no problem when using a 2 handed stance. Most autos have the safeties. mag releases for right handed shooters. A revolver might solve some of these problems.
Just my experiences

Samples.32 03-03-2011 07:50 PM

Don't bother shooting lefty. Lots of practice, and wearing a baseball cap while shooting will help that out. Wear the cap low enough to force your right eye to focus.

montveil 03-03-2011 11:08 PM

As stated above, I have no real problems shooting lefty and I have not found it difficult. I have no wish to change from my normal inclination as it feels very normal. If the difficulties mentioned above are a concern for you then by all means try to go righty.
If you can readily change to your right eye so much the better but I will even go further and say that the BEST solution would be to shoot with both eyes open. Many right hand shooters suggest lefties change but I find it very difficult. I might suggest a right hander try to switch to left for the experience

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