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Thadeuce 09-13-2011 11:14 PM

The Defensive Shooting Academy of Tulsa
Hey people,

Just wanted to write a review of TDSA. I went there this past weekend to take their Advanced Combat Pistol Level 1 course. This is the first REAL course I've taken to better myself as a shooter. I took a defensive pistol course but it was more legal than shooting. Anyway...

First of all, the staff is amazing. They are absolutely awesome. Marshall Luton, the lead instructor, has assembled a great team to teach great techniques. Not only are they all top-notch teachers, but they shoot as well as they teach. That combined with the fact that they will make you laugh all day long is recipe for success. I was a bit nervous being one of the only civies there. Mostly LE and military. But they made me feel right at home. With a class size of 23 students to 5 instructors, you get plenty of attention if you have trouble with anything.

The facility is perfect for pistol training with paper and steel. We shot from 7 yards most of the time but went back to 50 yards to test our skills. The methods they teach really take you to the next level.

The price is great. I would pay twice what is charged for that level of learning.

When you get there, you have a pre-test that consists of 3 8" steel targets placed 6-8' apart. From 7 yard, you must draw, fire 2 rounds at each target, reload, then fire 2 more rounds at each target. My pre-test score was 13.48s with 1 miss. After the class, my score was 8.25s with 1 miss. That's a 5 second just under 16 hours of instruction. Admittedly, my miss on the post-test came because I was hurrying instead of just being smooth.

If you want to improve your shooting, go see them. You won't regret it.

I wrote a testimonial for the site. Go check it out. I'm the guy from Savannah,GA.

The Defensive Shooting Academy of Tulsa

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