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bluez 05-31-2013 01:27 AM

Any good Carbine courses around North VA?
I hear EAG is good but they arent all that local.

Plus they make you train with a pistol as part of their carbine courses except for the Introductory one and I am not convinced a pistol has a place in a tactical environment if you have access to a Carbine.

(Plus I am frankly quite good with handgun already and want to spend my time training with the primary weapon, the carbine which is the high-payoff equipment for me, not a handgun... and i know the "what if" are gonna come out, but if you own a reliable carbine and know how to clear stoppages, its difficult to justify the extra weight for a pistol and its ammo, which might be better used for water or more carbine ammo.)

Now in a police and/or security contractor Philosophy of use, (POU) back-up pistol packing might, make sense but I am neither and in the event that I am armed on duty it will be with an M4.

Is there anything else around that's within say 3-6 hours drive from Northern Virginia and offers carbine classes?

nixfix 05-31-2013 12:06 PM

Check out what Silver Eagle Group has to offer.

I am a member there and while I have not taken their carbine class, it has an excellent reputation. It's a great range, too, btw.

bluez 05-31-2013 09:41 PM


I'll be sure to check them out!

ThinkFastHolsters 05-31-2013 09:49 PM

not sure where youre willing to travel but you can check out G4S ITI and see what they have. I know they have a carbine class but not sure how its laid out.

bluez 06-02-2013 08:37 PM

Thats guys!

Checking all those out via their websites :)
I'll let u know where I wind up.

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