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Any good books to help a new shooter?

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Originally Posted by matt g View Post
I can't really suggest any books, but the more magazines that you put through your new gun, the better off you'll be.
Magazines, books? Get it?

Hello, is this thing on? :thump: :thump:
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Default new book

Just 2 Seconds is a great new book that anyone in Law Enforcement, Body Guard work, or military. Check out I haven't finished the entire book yet, but so far it is really great! Check it out!
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You should also consider subscribing to several gun magazines, They have many good articles.

I am sure the folks here can recommend some--most of what I read is shotgun specific (I shoot sporting clays, trap & skeet for the most part).

Also, look into joining your local gun club, many have regular events and seminars (my club is having a defensive pistol shoot training next month that I plan on attending).

You should also join a couple of gun related organizations--they have magazines, events and instructors in many cases. The NRA is a good place to start.

oh , and Matt g--hahahahaha.

Watch out, this is an addictive activity.......
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Precision Shooting Magazine is a great publication that has a lot of indepth knowledge in it. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in shooting.

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Thanks everyone! All this has been very helpful and given me plenty to read in between trips to the range.
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I can recommend two old but VERY well written books for the newcomer.. I know because I was a newcomer and these books were also brand new.

1. The Shooter's Bilble by Bill Riviere, published bck in the early 60's, so ABE Books search engine might be your best bet. This book is and should be required reading because when I first started shooting as an adult there is so much BS out the and EVERYONE is an expert. This boook takes you by the hand and walks you though each and every subject. No matter what. Rifles, Pistols, and shotguns....alll covered in great detail yet the print is easy to read and soft on the eyes. A very good "bring on the basics" kind of book.

I even win a drink or two when I tell all of the "experts" out there that the 410 shotgun is a caliber not a gauge......(smiles)

I also offer you my number because I am retired now and one can never have too many friends. Dave Ledet 308-227-0081

You will alo find some people will never admit they are wrong even when you prove it, but that is also a good way to judge a person's character too.


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Originally Posted by ranger_sxt View Post
My core books consist of:

Green Eyes, Black Rifles by Kyle Lamb
The Art of the Rifle by Jeff Cooper
Surgical Speed Shooting by Andy Stanford
No Second Place Winner by Bill Jordan
I have The Art of the Rifle and No Second Place Winner and can say they are great. If you're looking at defensive stuff, Massad Ayoob writes well and is knowledgable, but he doesn't have the real experience that Jeff Cooper and Bill Jordan had. He has a lot of second hand knowledge though. Not knocking him, he has carved out a pretty lucrative career for himself, just fyi.
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The best Training materials I can recommend for a new shooter are :
For books :
Anything by Cooper and...

( For gunfighting technique ) Massad Ayoob's - Stressfire and Jordon's No Second Place Winner

( For Fundamentals ) NRA Basic Pistol Shooting and Personal Defense books

For Videos :
Jeff Cooper's -Basic Guide to Handgun Safety ( out of print ) and his Defensive Pistocraft series from Paladin Press

A Woman's Guide to Firearms features Mickey Fowler and Mike Dalton and all of the info is correct and good for men too ! NRA has it .

Todd Jarrett's 3 videos are available from him and from Blackhawk . I've got 2 of them and they are great.

Principles of Home Defense is about tactics only but is worth the money. NRA has it.

John Shaw's old " Combat Pistol " tape was okay.

"Deadly Force" is a fine tape on the legal matters and Ayoob's" In The Gravest Extreme " book complements it nicely.

"Fighting Pistol " by James Yeager is almost all classroom lecture but excellent .

" Shooter Ready" by Robbie Leatham is still sold by Dillon Precision . Fun to watch but tailored only for IPSC types .
__________________________________________________ _____________

Steer clear of Ayoobs " Shooting to Live" , Dennis Teullers 90 minute lecture, and other tapes without action. You can read a book instead !

Clint Smith's 6-tape series gets repititious and he's hard to listen to in large doses . Still, his Handgun DVD set has some good info. I'd put this series low on my list .

"Rifle Shooting Tips and Techniques" was nicely done and focuses on building bolt-action competition rifles . Paladin Press

The "Personal Defense T.V." season DVDs have too much mind-numbing visual flashing intros and annoying background music. That ruins them, which is a shame because there is some excellent advice .

Crimson Trace has a promo DVD on their laser sights that is instructive and neat to watch.

Rob Pincus's " Shooting In Realistic Enviornments " is innovative and good .
Below are my Best Gun Links ( save and enjoy ! )
Best Gun Links Includes a long and clever list of tag lines. Free printable targets. Site for Bulls Eye Competitors . Jeff Cooperís Commentaries archive. Home page to fabulous site, many articles, forum . Watch many great video clips free. Registration required ( free ) . Watch safety video free. More. Site offering police training targets for sale. Gun safety site. Firearms political news and commentary. Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership. Online edition with free video clips. Online mag. Online edition with video clip. Online edition with video clip. Reason Magazine article on failure of Britainís gun laws . National Shooting Sports Federation. Online edition. Video clips . Online edition. Video clips. Good video clips . Many free video clips. Gun Safety Article John Farnumís latest book Home Page of training site. Master Tips

1911 Pistol Assembly Animation

YouTube pistol training video part 3 An excellent instructor trains a pistol class .

Part 1 in above training series

Part 2 in above series Shooting, defense site . Much women-oriented info . Includes Ammunition Video . Site with many DVDs for sale etc. video clips and articles . Army Marksmanship competition site .

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Posted a previous answer but it appears it was lost.
Books :
For combat pistol : No Second Place Winner by Bill Jordon, StressFire by Massad Ayoob and Guns Bullets and Gunfights by Jim Cirillo. You may also like Life Without Mike Dalton and Mickey Fowler as well as The Street Smart Gun Book by John Farnum .
Street Survival is of most value to police and is expensive. The Basics of Pistol Shooting and The Basics of Personal Protection from the NRA are a good start and cheap. Ayoob's In The Gravest Extreme is primarily about legal matters . Guidebook For Marines from the Marine Corps has some stff of interest to M-9 Beretta owners and AR-15 shooters.
Good places to look for books include Ayoob's LFI Web site, the NRA and Paladin Press .

I was unimpressed with Police Handgun Manual and Police Shotgun Manual by Bill Clede-just not enough to them-info was correct, though. I'd forget Chuck Klein's Point Shooting book too. Kill Or Get Killed by Rex Applegate and Shoot To Live by W.E. Fairbairn and Sykes are outdated as to shooting methods .

Oh, I almost Forgot the videos :
A Woman's Guide To Firearms with Mike Dalton and Mickey Fowler, John Shaw's Combat Pistol and Jeff Cooper's Basic Guide to Handgun Safety are great starting out videos for pistol shooting. For shotguns, John Satterwhite's Basic Guide To Shotguns .
Todd Jarrett's videos are available through his site or Blackhawk and are good for anyone.
Paladin sells Jeff Coopers Defensive Pistolcraft series now on DVD.

Steve Kanaly's Rifle and Shotgun Safety was okay but the Handgun safety tape he had was poorly narrated and a disappointment . Andy Stanford's Fighting With Firearms didn't send me and most Lenny McGill productions have been mediocre . Ayoob's Shooting To Live and Dennis Teuller's video were 90 minutes of a man sitting in a chair talking-you could read a book instead. Clint Smith's series is repititious and he's hard to take in large doses but form your own opinion on Clint's value .


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I just wanted to add that AGI has many gunsmithing videos and usually agrees to give you their gun cleaning DVD free but you pay about $5 postage and handling . Visit the American Gunsmithing Institute web site .

I was unimpressed with a couple of the Gunsite VHS tapes . It would be best to view them before buying.

Paladin Press will accept returns even on videos you have opened and watched ( satisfaction guaranteed ) . Needless to say, I would not abuse this policy, but it allows you to buy a video you aren't sure about and simply return it if it fails your expectations .


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