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Accidental Discharge

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Default AD's and ND's

Jesse17, Bravo for your response to "homecountry", their redundancy, arrogance and know it all attitude was a minimal distraction from a interesting forum topic. I'm sure they'll have positive input in the future forums, maybe just a little too eager, and youth, this time.
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Originally Posted by Jesse17 View Post

Welcome to the forum. Why don't you stop by the Introductions forum and tell us about yourself.

While you're at it why don't you ponder the fact that you joined this site just to 'teach' all of us idiots how a gun works. Did youever consider the fact that no one mentioned how the cartridge got chambered because it is such a basic opperation that it went without saying? I guarantee you we all picked up on just how and why the round got into the chamber and was fired.

The discussion was about the shooters NEGLIGENCE (YES as in a NEGLIGENT DISCHARGE) in his responsibility to handle the firearm safely. And this is exactly what a ND is. No one here ever thought that a ND refered to any kind of malfunction, or anything other than the shooters negligence.

I normaly would not bother pointing out someones poor manners, but you sir have made nothing but arrogant and rude posts as of yet. So why don't you go introduce yourself, make some friends, and try to learn something from this site.

If nothing else some manners.
Wow, a crash landing on a three year old thread.

Jesse17, kudos, I couldn't have said it better myself!

Get her dirty, then clean her so she starts to respect you. When her trust is complete, she will serve you well for a lifetime!

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Originally Posted by homecountry07 View Post
I'm sorry but a "Change in behavior" has nothing to do with why the gun fired. If you train people, I strongly advise training yourself first. If you place a magazine in a handgun with the slide locked to the rear, then let the slide forward, you have just CHAMBERED a round. Nobody on this thread seems to understand that or basic fundamentals of handguns.

This is how it works. You place a magazine in. The mag spring pushes a round in the chamber. If the bolt is forward, the round can't go anywhere. When the bolt slides back, the round is pushed up in the cavity of the chamber. Now, when the bolt slides forward again, it catches and "strips" the round from the magazine and loads it into the barrel, ready to fire. When you fire, the hammer hits the pin, which hits the primer in the case/brass, igniting the powder, sending the bullet out the barrel. The gas pushes the bolt to the rear, ejecting the cartridge, and cycling in another round, thus repeating the process.

Again - BOLT FORWARD with a mag already IN means you have +1 in the chamber, so when the guy squeezed the trigger to "release the tension or something," which doesn't even make sense even if you don't know anything about guns, the gun will fire, as it so clearly did. Nothing "behavioral" about it.
Fixed it for ya
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Originally Posted by homecountry07 View Post
Thank goodness man, I thought I was the only one LOL!! Just posted like 3 posts about this I joined specifically to point this out I didn't see any posts noting this except yours. Knowing your stuff when it comes to lethal weapons is whatsup; nobody should play with them because they're "cool." They're not, they're tools for a dark purpose and you have to know how to use them during business hour.

Grats on beating me to pointing out what appears to have been missed by almost everyone. It's part of the normal operating cycle of a gun - mag in, bolt forward, fire, eject cartridge, bolt forward chambers another round, fire..
Knowing about guns is "whatsup"? hmmm interesting maybe you should go back to the Xbox forums and argue with the people there. They will be clearly impressed by the fact you are a subject matter expert on the "whatsup" of firearms. You obviously are way to smart to be caught posting here.

Sorry for ranting on my second post but this guy is just ridiculous.
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share a little story with ya'll
Setting: Afghanistan, U.S Army base armory
doing my job, bored. in walks this major with a small entourage and a big chip on his shoulder. I ask for his sidearm and he hands me his well worn m9. i hold up my hand and ask him to unload it for me.
In a huff, he jacks the slide back, catches the round, sits it down on the counter, THEN drops the magazine onto the counter.
I put up both hands and say "Sir, can you please RE-CLEAR that weapon?"
he got PI$$ED, slammed the m9 onto the table, at which point i notice the weapon is cocked, meaning the safety was OFF. he picked to the empty round and shoved it towards my face as if to say "I did!"
i picked up the pistol and made a big show of placing the weapon on SAFE, which decoked it, then slid the slide backwards and caught the round as it came out of the chamber. held it to his face, very close and replied "Thank you sir, now will you please step to your left to receive your ticket, sir."
the captain and FBI agent behind him were rolling laughing as the major fumed. my buddy shook the entire time he filled out the ticket.
the captain and FBI agent both made a big show of unloading their sidearms the CORRECT way and holding the round out to my face.

PS: That 10mm looked HUGE compared to the 9mm cousin.
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Yikes...Arrogance and gun handling do not mix well...

The 1 thing I DO NOT miss about the Army is the poor level of training in this area. Many of the folks I served with could get downright scary with live ammo.

The problem, IMHO, is the mentality of ALWAYS having your weapon cleared and ONLY chambering a round either on the range or in a hot zone. I found this contributing to an attitude of disregard for safe handling because "dude, we ain't got no ammo", comes to be the norm.

I am glad your foolish Major did not hurt himself or anyone else and hopefully learned something.


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Default AD

I am sure that both people you cited did this due to lack of training. I teach when clearing the weapon pull the slide 3 times. If you forgot to take the clip out, rounds will continue to eject and that should register something is wrong. I also teach that when loading the weapon to make sure you are pointing in a safe direction in case of weapon malfunction.

You are right to say you were lucky. Stay safe.
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Originally Posted by hillbilly68 View Post
Glad that everything worked out OK. We have purposely removed the "AD" as it is a misnomer in most cases, such as this. "Negligent Discharge" is the going rate now, and it does make sense. I would say the the only "AD"s are mechanical (eg slam fire) but most are "NDs" because it is of the negligence of the person holding the weapon. Just an aside.
Again, glad no one was hurt.
There are two types of unintentional discharges.
1. Accidental - When the unintentional discharge is in a safe direction and there is no injury or death and little if any property damage.
2. Negligent - When the unintentional discharge results in injury, death, or significant property damage.
Hope this helped clarify the reality of the situation.
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Originally Posted by trip286
Fapfapfapfap.... Zombie thread. Fapfapfapfap....
Wow! 5 years old...!
Probably not the first accidental discharge to make it to that age...
If It Were Easy, They Would Not Call It Work, And Everyone Would Do It
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Originally Posted by TruggieTex View Post
Wow! 5 years old...!
Probably not the first accidental discharge to make it to that age...
OMFG!!! Just sprayed coke out my nose! It burns!!
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