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texaswoodworker 03-23-2014 08:07 AM

What type of finish?
If someone was to have a blued (carbon steel) receiver, and a stainless steel barrel, what finish would work well for that combination? It would need to be black or black/blue, durable, and somewhere between satin and glossy.

Any ideas?

texaswoodworker 03-23-2014 05:39 PM

Someone has got to know of something that would work.

BillDeShivs 03-23-2014 08:03 PM

Ion Bond DLC coating will work, and it is one of the toughest finishes on the planet.

Txhillbilly 03-23-2014 11:46 PM

Look at these-

va-firearms 06-19-2014 01:27 PM

are you trying to refinish the whole thing ? We do cerekote we used to do duracoat and cerekote holds up A LOT better then duracoat !

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