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WannaBeVagabomd 11-16-2013 12:24 AM

Severn custom, stainless vs. carbon vs. Alaska
I'm currently stationed in Alaska, not leaving anytime soon, and I'm building a 1911. Most of the parts, Damascus slide and barrel have been secured. I still need the frame, and it'll be Caspian. They have the carbon, stainless and titanium, but the last one does nothing for me really. The finish is going to be severn custom hard hat finish, so it'll be the same visually either way. I'm assuming you guys know to somed degree the different traits, but the environment up here goes from balls cold to warm and moist and terrible for unmaintained guns. Why one over the other, or will the finish make where it doesn't even matter?

John_Deer 11-16-2013 12:36 AM

There might be long periods of time that you can't maintain your weapons. For a long periods of time I had to visit my relatives to see my guns. I just carried a pocket pistol. My brother took care of the high maintenance guns or I would have sold them.

BillDeShivs 11-16-2013 05:36 AM

A damascus slide and barrel are the worst choices you could make. Damascus is not particularly strong, and you will have basically unfinished carbon steel exposed to the elements.

WannaBeVagabomd 11-17-2013 04:39 AM

Barrel is not Damascus, and the site listed it as stainless. Still, I get what you're saying. I have several people who offered to take care of them if necessary, but I'd like to like it to be as durable as possible. I made it suppressor ready, so the it'll only be using range or quality subsonic rounds, so I'm not to terribly concerned with wearing it out.

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