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centralNChunter 01-19-2008 02:44 AM

Pit filling material?
Hi. Im starting on an old 98 Mauser action to build an old beater hunting rifle with. It is an action bought from Sarco that looks to have been dug up from a garden in France. :eek: It has some pretty bad pitting at the stock line. Most of it will be covered by the sporterized mauser stock, but not all. The entire gun will be finished with LCWs Duracoat. I need a (cheap) material that will fill in the pits that will accept paint. I know LCW has Durafil but this is a build on the cheap ;) , and the pits are deep enough that it would take untold number of passes with a HVLP gun spraying Durafil, not to mention all the time sanding between coats. Do you think something such as JB weld, Davcon or the like will hold up and not try to release under the force of recoil and the related vibrations? Any and all constructive comments welcome. Thanks! :D

matt g 01-19-2008 04:43 PM

If it's just cosmetic and not structural, Bondo or some other polyester body filler would work well and be cost effective. It sticks to metal pretty well and sands easily.

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