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jknopp45 01-20-2009 12:54 PM

How Much Does Releif engraving Cost???
hey i just wanted to know how much Relief Engraving costs for a Colt .38 Snub Nose Detective??? how much would it cost to put 14k gold plateing on top of the ingraving??? im new to the whole gunsmithing/engraving stuff and i dont know of any gunsmiths in my area... lol im might have to ship it somewhere to get it done... does anyone know of any credible website that might some ingraving and gold plating??? thanks :)

dclevinger 01-20-2009 03:51 PM

The cost of the engraving will depend on the amount of coverage and the complexity of the design. Your best bet would be to look at the work done by a few engravers and see what you like. Below are a couple of links to Firearms Engravers Guild of America members.

Regular members

FEGA Masters


jknopp45 02-14-2009 07:11 AM

cool thanks man i appriciate it...

dclevinger 02-14-2009 10:50 PM

No problem. PM sent also.


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