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CarCrash 01-17-2008 09:13 PM

[Favorite Design]
If you could have any design engraved on your gun, what would it be?

Roses? Skulls? Vines? People?

dclevinger 01-18-2008 12:33 AM

CarCrash, being an engraver, most of my work is putting scrolls and animals on guns. I have done flames on several 1911's though and I'm going to do some tribal tattoo type work on some knives very soon. I can't wait to some other responses to your question.


jeepejeep 01-18-2008 12:37 AM

For me as a hunter, animals. I have a nice bear tattoo that would make a good engraving although it's pretty big! Elk, deer, pronghorn, all would make nice engravings I think.

I like the idea of flames on a 1911. Sounds sweet!

dclevinger 01-18-2008 01:15 AM

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jeepjeep, here is a shot of one of the flame guns. The slide was polished to a mirror finish, the outline of the flames cut and the are masked off. The rest was then bead blasted and blued. The flames wrap over the top and onto the other side. I was gunsmithing at the time so there was a ton of other work done as well.


jeepejeep 01-18-2008 02:14 AM

Thank you .VERY nice work!

BLS33 01-18-2008 03:50 AM

That's a good question, I could definitely see myself not too far down the road buying a nice flintlock pistol and having some nice engravings done on it.

I think the old flintlocks can look really beautiful with engravings.

matt g 01-18-2008 01:18 PM

Either would be cool, as would a Beret and Jump Boots.

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