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Honest comments and opinions wanted...

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Default Go for the Manufacturers

Originally Posted by thefmsl.com View Post
-This thread is a replacement to a thread that I started several days ago. It was removed as I didn't have vendor status, but now it is back...

This product is not for sale yet.

I am the inventor, an avid shooter and though I am still very new to your forums, I am quickly becoming a huge fan of them. I have been extremely impressed by the positive and professional attitudes of both the forums users and it's staff. I have never felt so good about a place on the net as quickly as this one.

Anyway as I had started, before I rambled off in the last paragraph. I invented and patented a new gun-lock over the last several years and I would like honest comments and opinions on it from real people, before I take it to market.

I can only get so many biased comments from friends and family before I can't take it anymore, however fellow gun owners that I don't know can teach me a lot. I would rather speak to the people this can help, then the people that want to exploit it. Any input you can give would be very appreciated and help me in creating a reliable and safe overall finished design.

Home Page

I don't currently have a price point for these locks, but I can tentatively say that each unit will cost about half the price of a standard ammunition magazines full price.
I agree with the common thread here, innovative idea, never seen it before, but all new guns come with a trigger or cable locks. I prefer the cable locks because they work great to lock gear down in the back of my truck. Never actually put 1 on a gun because if it's not loaded, it's just a very expensive hammer. Those of us who take being armed seriously have bedside lock boxes, quick access to a loaded gun but keeps little hands away. I'd market it to the gun makers, there always looking for some accessory to make there product stand out. Think Springfield XD and the useless holster, mag pouch, and loading tool they come with. Great gun, worthless accessories, but genius marketing. Good Luck
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Looks like a great idea and a great product. I don't like the metal loop locks that come with most guns as they would be easily cut if the gun were stolen. Also, for those of us who only have a couple of guns and can't afford a nice safe yet, this would be a great product because if the gun were stolen it would keep the bad guys from using our firearms. Also it would make a great travel lock. For those worried about dust, I think this would be more of a security measure and keeping the gun in it's case while traveling would solve this. However on more expensive guns I understand your worry. Great idea and I think it is a great niche product. Don't give up on this thing, it will make you rich someday, good luck to you.
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Looks like an interesting idea. I wouldn't need one for home, but if I ever end up PCSing and have to drive through a non-firearm friendly state, I'd pick up a couple so I could keep them in my car.
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Some how i could picture ruger including a lock like yours with their future handguns and rifles. It does seem like a solid invention for those with firearms and kids in the house. But i agree with the other posters I keep my guns locked and loaded most of all times. If its not loaded its getting cleaned or getting emptied at the range!
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I've seen a similar mag lock on a semi-auto recently while looking for my handgun but cannot recall which one.

The big difference is that (IIRC) the slide on them can be closed but I may be mistaken.
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you know i was thinking, i just got back tot he range today and i realized that there are alot of yahoos in california (i.e. dumba$$es with lots of guns and like no training) and i think that your invention should/might catch on with those people.
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I do like the AR lock. If they came keyed alike I would pick up 3.
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Default just a thought

I am pretty sure there is a gentleman on this site from the Netherlands. I am new here, so I apologize for not remembering your name. I do remember him mentioning his firearm laws on one thread though. I am pretty sure he said they had to be a member of a gun club to even own a firearm. He also said that they had to be locked and kept seperate from ammo, and that the law could demand to inspect them at random. I can't garauntee that all my details are exactly correct, but my point is that you might still have a viable market for that product of yours. It seems well designed, and firearms are an international sensation. Even though most owners in the US keep them locked and loaded, doesn't mean that it is appropriate everywhere else. I would just suggest doing your homework, or getting involved with someone familiar with all firearm regulations internationally....you might find more than a niche market, if you are willing to broaden the scope of your marketing. Just a thought. Good luck.
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be good if it had an LED keypad

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I thought this over a couple of times and pondered over some replies. However, I can think of two uses personally. The first transporting of the firearm if required, and secondly a range situation if inexperienced shooters to show their weapons are safe and empty. I would not use them personally, as all my firearms outside of gun cabinates are ready to go to work with out preparation. Like loaded magazines, I don't believe compressed springs are that prone to failure, but lose tention from use, rather than compressed at rest.
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